Friday, October 23, 2009



Today is a very sad day indeed. My husband is back from his business trip, my kids are healthy at the moment, and my baby girl is exploding with adorableness but I'm still in mourning. Last night, after the kids went to bed, I asked the huz to bring the "cage" into the living room. The cage is a six paneled gate that I've had since Truman became mobile. It's much larger than a Pack N Play so it holds lots of toys and the kids can move around in it but it keeps them contained safely so I can get a few things done. My living room has been cage-free for nearly three years now and I have enjoyed it a great deal. There's nothing quite like having a living room free of eye-sores. You see, our house is quite small. There's no playroom or den. As far as living space goes, we just have a living room and a kitchen. All told, the cage takes up about 8 square feet of precious living room space. Where once you could see our bare hardwood floor, now you see baby toys through the holes of a plastic fence. Rich.

I have no choice in the matter. Harper is on the move. I put her down in a seated position yesterday on the living room floor, went into the kitchen to wash my hands, and came back a minute or two later and she had rolled to the TV cabinet (about 5 feet away) where she sat chewing on the chord for the Wii remote. Not good. Now my living room looks like a poorly run home day care center and my daughter's time spent unattached to my hip will be in a homemade prison. I'm not ready for the upcoming phase of babydom. It just might do me in.


  1. Wow, I wish I had a "cage" back when my girls were just becoming mobile. That would've come in real handy! :-) Hang in there mom. You'll be fine until she starts learning to scale that thing.

  2. Harper's Daddy used to beg to be put in the "cage" with Lil' Bro' B.J., we always figured he liked the toys better.

  3. Oh I hear you on this one! I was telling Paul the other day that now that my youngest is 4 it is very hard to be watching 2 1 1/2 yr olds. I am redoing baby proofing, diaper changing, potty training, cribs, 5 point harness all over again and they are not even my kids.