Friday, March 9, 2007

A Tale of Two Bubbas

I received a “Bubba” pacifier as a baby gift before
I had my son. It was, hands down, my
favorite gift. It is much like the
plastic prosthetic Bubba teeth that gained popularity several years back except
in pacifier form. It is absolutely hysterical.
My daughter has a little love affair going on with her pacifier. She has two addictions in her young
life: her pacifier and her blankie. She can be found with both at least 50
percent of the time when we are home. 

There are many pacifiers hidden throughout our house because
of my daughter’s habit. She’s like a
dog. She finds one, hides it somewhere
in the house and then digs it out days, weeks or months later when she gets the
urge. The Bubba pacifier manages to
find its way into my daughter’s random pacifier rotation. Months will go by and I will forget that it
even exists. It will get filed away
under “MIA” along with the milk-filled Blues Clues sippy cup that went missing in January. Then, out of nowhere, the Bubba pacifier
will make an appearance. It happened
this morning.

I got my son off to school and came back home to get some
things done around the house. My
daughter was playing in her room quietly. I sat down on the couch to fold some laundry and she waddled into the
living room dragging her blankie with that Bubba pacifier in her mouth. I nearly peed my pants. She was dressed in an adorable little dress
with pigtails, dragging her crocheted pink blankie with a mouthful of yellow,
crooked, horse-sized teeth. It was a
classic moment and it made my day. It
appears that I have two Bubbas living under my roof.


  1. That is so freaking funny! I can just imagine sweet tatum rounding the corner with that thing in her mouth!

  2. When my daughter was born, there was always a passie around. That however stoped when she was 4 months old. I'm am verry bumed because she sucks on her thumb and that is very bad for her teeth. So she will get her "Bubba" teeth soon:(

  3. You do realize, when these pictures surface after Lil' Sweet Tater's 16th Birthday, she's going to bring child abuse charges against you???