Wednesday, March 7, 2007

That's What Pirates Do

My kids and I have been taking advantage of the beautiful
weather lately and spending a great deal of time in the back yard. I usually open the back door and let the
kids play on the porch while I get some things done in the kitchen. Then I’ll come outside and read the paper
while they play. I do, however, try to
work in some quality time with them. With my multi-tasking mindset it is sometimes difficult to focus on just
the kids so I try to set up the egg timer for at least one hour of quality play
time. During that time I try to let my
son’s imagination lead us in play. This
always makes for some interesting dialogue. Yesterday was no exception. Here’s the conversation we had:

Son: (up on the
swing set “fort”) Come up here
pirate! Swab the decks! Baton down the hatches! Arrgghhh…

Me: Aye aye

Son: Do you see
those children playing over there?

Me: Yes.

Son: When they
fall asleep, you need to dress up like an old woman and take all of their toys.

Me: (trying to stay
in character) What sir?

Son: You need to
dress up like an old lady and take all of the toys from those children while
they are asleep.

Me: Why?

Son: Because
that’s what pirates do. They aren’t
nice. They take toys from children.

Me: And why do I
have to dress up like an old lady?

Son: To trick the

Me: Because old
ladies would never steel toys from children?

Son: Yes.

Me: OK.

This went on for quite some time. I would don my old lady dress, old lady hat, and old lady cane
and walk around our backyard, stealing toys from unsuspecting sleeping
children. When I brought the toys to my
son he would take out his air sword and air-smash them to bits. We all had fun and I received a life lesson
about the inherent wickedness of pirates as well as the inherent goodness of
old ladies. 


  1. funny funny funny! Oh what I wouldn't give to have been hiding behind a bush with a camera to get some pictures!

  2. Just to clarify: my old lady outfit was imaginary!
    I did do a mean old lady cane walk though.

  3. Good to know, I was feeling like an inadequate (sooo spelled wrong) parent after reading that. I would not go inside and dig up grandma clothes for play time. Well I say I would not I have not been in that situation.

  4. Grandma Mary says,"what do you mean--grandma clothes?" (and I imagine your Mama had some thoughts on that slip of the tongue too!!!) It sounds like Bubba may be an aspiring writer too, he certainlly has the flare and the vision for it, let's hope it last, there's nothing like an imagination to move a child to greatness!!

  5. Grandma and "Pop Pop"March 9, 2007 at 7:23 AM

    That little guy never ceases to amaze me. Maybe we should ask Truman to describe "grandma clothing". Should be interesting!