Monday, September 17, 2007

The Bandanna Chronicles

I just had to acknowledge, for all my Rock of Love
cronies out there in the blogosphere, that Bret Michaels does, in fact, have
hair under that bandanna.

Why does this please me so?


  1. Someone needs to re-watch next week's preview.

  2. I'm taking your word for it, and I think it pleases us because somehow it makes US feel less old.
    Thank you for the Dog and Wife idea, I am taking it under serious advisement!

  3. Yes, I saw the "hair," but do you think it's real? A weave? ;-)
    And will it be Jes or Heather? I say Heather ... I think Jes is too young and too good for that Man-Ho. Ha.

  4. I tried to tell you to back off my man, he is just kickin it 80's style.

  5. New Diva-
    Excellent. Please post pictures if you do don Dog duds!

  6. Tiffani-
    I was wondering that too. I choose to believe that it was real.
    Heather all the way! Jes is way too good for him. He and Heather are a match made in stripper heaven.

  7. You were right, Chase. I stand corrected.

  8. The woman who does my hair says it's a wig, and she can tell by the part. Hey, I'm not a hater, just committed to the Truth in Poison.

  9. Jennifer-
    What a buzzkill.
    Damn Poison truth seeker!