Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Civilian PIs and Creme Brule

It is taking every ounce of will power I have not to
dedicate an entire blog entry to the creme brulee that I had on Wednesday night
at Jiko, an African restaurant known as as €œThe Cooking Place€ nestled in the
Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World. Those of you who know me are
probably not surprised by this. I love food, especially high quality food. That
is part of the appeal of Disney World: you can take the whole family out
to a five star restaurant. I can€'t think of any other place on earth where you
can order from one of the best wine lists in the country while your child
feasts on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on rainbow bread.

Back to the
creme brulee: it was flavored with ground pistachios, situated atop a bed of
dark chocolate and perfectly torched to a candied shell deliciousness on top. It
was perfect.

I digress.

On Friday night we took the whole family to the California Grille, one of the
nicest restaurants on Disney property. A couple feet down from us, seated at the bar, were
some familiar faces. We enjoyed our sushi and flat bread appetizers while the
kids feasted on an elegant plate of goldfish and tried our best to figure out who those people were. My husband, his curiosity peaked,
got up to take our son to the bathroom. He came back and said, "We'€™ve got some
Doodlebop action at three-o-clock."

I was surprised by my own reaction, "€œNO WAY!"€

We had just seen the Doodlebops in concert the day prior and
the kids loved it. They danced with much more enthusiasm than good ol Britney at
the VMA'€™s this weekend
and Sean and I were pleasantly surprised at the quality
of the show. It felt like a preschool rock concert.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Doodlebops, they are an
extremely popular preschool singing group that have a half hour show on the
Disney Channel. Unlike their Australian counterpart The Wiggles, the Doodlebops
wear a great deal of make-up and elaborate costumes so they have the benefit of
a relatively normal existence outside of the whacked-out Doodlebop world.
Except of course, when they are in the presence of civilian PI€™s like my
husband who can spot them a mile away, even without the blue hair. We decided
to keep our Doodlebop sighting on the DL to protect our kids from the harsh
reality that Moe Doodle is, in fact, a small man with black hair in designer
duds munching on flat bread at the bar. My husband, always stretching the limits
of his own dorkiness,  couldn'€™t resist a little poke at Moe on the way out. He
tapped him on the back and said, "€œGreat show Moe!"€ I averted my eyes and ran
towards the elevator.


  1. I guess that even a Doodlebop has to eat every now and then. . .

  2. Thanks for all these yummy "heads-ups" on Disney. We are going for a couple days next month, and Johnny and I both haven't been since we were kids! We are all needless to say, very excited!

  3. You guys are OH SO LUCKY!!! I've been a big fan since Maggie's 2nd birthday, I especially like the talking moose's head. I have to know, how many fingers do they really have?

  4. The creme brulee sounds amazing, I am drooling on my computer.

  5. My two year-old is loving the doodlebops. I even found myself be bopping to their music the other day while putting clothes away.
    Hey at least you can say you saw a celebrity. Even if it's not one plastered all over the tabloids. If kids had gossip mags I'm sure they would have made the front page many times. :)

  6. It's such a treat to go to a five-star restaurant that serves exemplary food...especially desserts! I rate all my fav eateries based on the quality of their sweets. And to be able to bring the kids along too...extra fun!

  7. First time we went to the big DW, we stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and loved, loved, loved it!!! It was awesome to sit on the porch at night and feel like you were in the "Jungle" Disney style... Sounds like you're having a really fun time!

  8. Aunt Becky-
    Darn tootin' They get a work out in those platforms!

  9. Congrats Candice. You guys will have a blast!

  10. Papa Dale-
    I was too star struck to count their digits.

  11. Maribeth-
    Now there's a magazine we could start: a children's celebrity gossip magazine! We could start the Hollywood corruption early.

  12. Keli-
    This one would have been high on your list. Yum. Still thinking about it...

  13. Janine-
    Sure, rub it in. We're value resort people :)