Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For Heather

My dearest friend in the world, Heather, has recently started reading my blog. She's kind of stunted when it comes to email and the internet so I want to welcome her to the blogosphere. These are for her (and she's the only freakshow that knew me at age 12 and will thus get them):

I was mad at Julie, the dog, Norman.

Looks good. Looks real, real good.

Have you ever been to the Golden Corral?

So, I could draw Debbie?

Yo' Telly man. Why you takin' science man?  You don't need to be takin' science man!

OK. I'll stop with the inside jokes (I use that term very loosely). Couldn't help it. I knew it would make Heather smile.


  1. What would I do without you?! I'm smiling from ear to ear and probably disturbing my office mates with my laughter. Thank you for brightening my day. I love you!!!

  2. How about this one??
    Landfill. Black line.