Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pants Schmants

Our temperatures topped out at about 71 degrees today and my kids, scarred from our brutal winter (sorry Northern folks—I realize "brutal" has a very different meaning in the South but it's all relative), were playing in the yard and decided to pull out the hose this afternoon. There were screeches of laughter intermixed with a few high-pitched angry screams. Aaahhh… the glorious sounds of Spring.  Not long after the laughter faded, Bubba showed up in the kitchen buck naked from the waist down. Here's our conversation:

Me: What happened?

Bubba: I got wet.

Me: Where are your pants?

Bubba: I don't know.

Me: What do you mean you don't know?

Bubba: I can't remember (it's important to note that just 2 minutes prior his pants were on)

Me: Well, you need to go find them.

Bubba: OK.

Me: (a little frantic) Wait! Put some pants on first! You can't just walk around naked in the backyard.

Bubba: But Sissy is.

And that, my friends, is how it came to pass that my kids are running around my backyard as I type this in 70-degree weather with their bathing suits on.  It's a beautiful thing.


  1. It could be worse - - they could be splashing in a little plastic pool while you sit nearby in your lawn chair in your daisy dukes and halter top with a cigarette dangling from your lips, an almost empty beer bottle in one hand, cell phone in the other as you intermittently talk to one of your friends and scream at the kids to not get you wet.

  2. Becky! Were you spying on me today?? Only it wasn't a beer bottle, it was Miller High Life in a can.
    Actually, my kids both rode home buck naked from a nearby park where a wade in the creek turned into full-fledged swimming. The plastic pool and daisy dukes notion is fairly refined in comparison.

  3. Yeah, Becky, didn't you know Ms Julie done quit the Devil Weed? and, Sean keeps the High Life locked up soos she kaint get at it durin' the day

  4. We Northern folk are very jealous of you nekkid Southerners! We aren't "home-free" yet in the blizzard department.

  5. Nothin' like springtime in the South. My kiddo likes to go pants-free as soon as she walks in the door after school. And shoes? Forget it.
    Enjoy the sun!

  6. I peek in once in a while - always fun reading here. Your articles are great too. So, hello from another Hale in AZ.

  7. Blah, blah blah....
    We'll be pantless here soon. Monday was gorgeous, but Tuesday was cooler again and rainy. Blech.

  8. I'm soooo sick of the cold up here. Got a spare room? :)

  9. Grandma and Pop PopApril 10, 2008 at 9:23 AM

    I bet it was little miss Tatum's idea to get naked. She is definitely a free spirit. YOu've got ten years until she officially becomes a teenager. Wonder what the future holds?!

  10. I don't mean to brag, but in these here parts (California) kids go pant free practically year 'round. Actually, we've been pretty cold until this very week. Free spirits got to really be free sometimes. Sounds lovely!

  11. Oh to be a southerner! Thanks for the laugh and enjoy your weather...I will try ot live vicariously.