Monday, October 6, 2008

Officer Awesome and the Fair Maiden

I snapped some pictures of my kids in their Halloween costumes and couldn't resist posting this one.


In other news, my son's school's annual Fall Festival was  a smashing success. Tons of money was raised and fun was had by all, including my husband (the luckiest person I know), who entered a $5 Bingo game and won the grand prize: a Wii!!! Yahoo! I was so excited I had an obnoxious screaming fit in the middle of the silent auction.


  1. Truman is a popo for Halloween? (did Sean try to talk him out of it!)

  2. Too cute! Good grief, I wish your hubby could send me some of his luck. I win things on occasion, but nothing as fabulous as a Wii! Enjoy it.

  3. Congrats on the Wii, (of course, we're such dinosaurs up here, we still spell it we), maybe Sean and Truman got some of Papa R.P.'s luck passed down. All the Grand-Girls up her love to get dressed as Princesses and Fair Maidens, so, you get immediate approval for Lil' Sweet Taters' outfit, and my guess is, Uncle Chris and Uncle Ben are both lovin' the POPO's uniform, especially the blue shirt and the Sargents' stripes.