Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sappy Six

Karate Kid

I’m feeling a little sappy this morning so here goes:

Six Things I love about my kids:

1. My son can’t just have toast or waffles for breakfast. He has to invent something. This morning it was a peanut butter cheerio boat, translation: a piece of bread with peanut butter spread on it and cheerios sprinkled on top.

2. My daughter is, as I write this, wearing a pink sparkle headband around the circumference of her head Karate Kid style. I told her she looks like Daniel Son. She replied, “No Mama. I look like a cheerleader.” Who knew?

3. My son gets extremely excited about eating a school lunch. This happens very rarely as a result of his finicky palate but, when it does, he skips towards the entrance to his school like he’s walking into a theme park.

4. Yesterday, after dropping my son off at school, my daughter asked that we play a horse game (she has a tendency to skip consonants so her “horse” actually sounds like “whore”). This is what she said to me, “Mama, you be a big whore and I’ll be a little whore.”

5. Whenever my daughter does something silly, like this morning when she insisted upon eating her toast from the middle out and licking the butter off of her plate, my son and I look at each other and chuckle quietly. Yep, we’ve got inside jokes.

6. Both of my kids refer to our main vacuum as “Big Yellow” and get very excited whenever I haul her out of the closet. They call the other vacuum “Little Blue” and flash disappointed expressions in my direction whenever I plug Little Blue in.


  1. Of #1 and #5, the gastric habits of these kids never ceases to amaze me. About #3, who would of thunk it? About #4, thank you SOOOO MUCH for sharing the insight into the rearing of my grandchildren. amazing how that fits right behind your thoughts on Hugh.

  2. Good. I'm glad that you're laughing at all these things. Interesting about the food stuff though. Mine did the same, and you know what? Now that they don't play with their food any more, I miss it.

  3. Hubby & I are both having a good chuckle about "Big Whore/Little Whore". Too funny.

  4. You're my favorite big whore around :)