Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Urine Going to Enjoy This One

Pretty sure that's my second time using a play on words with the word, "urine." What's wrong with me?

Urine Collection Jug

So, I've been peeing into a biohazard jug all day. Fun fun! I lost the
hat (white plastic thing that goes into the toilet to collect the pee)
so have been forced to improvise. Despite my husband's genius
suggestion that I use a plastic fire hat that one of the kids brought
home from school, I have been using a large glass measuring cup. If any
of you would like me to provide your family with baked goods in the
near future, please let me know. The list is long.

As a result of my forced confinement, I have morphed into a happy homemaker. I cooked a whole chicken to prepare for Thursday's Teacher's Soup Lunch at my son's school which was, incidentally, postponed until Dec. 3rd this afternoon. I also baked, frosted and decorated 48 cupcakes (fret not, I've got more than one measuring cup) for my son's upcoming 6th birthday.

For the record, I am astounded by how easy it is to find photos of urine collection products on the internet. Who knew?


  1. Um. Do I want to know what's going on? I mean I hope you are well, excellent in fact, but after this post I'm almost a little afraid to ask hwo you are.
    Be well my friend.

  2. Note to Grandma Mary: tell Julianne she doesn't have to bring ANYTHING to the big family dinner;)
    Note to Julianne: I have a theory on why School insist on commercially packaged snacks for donated school treats.

  3. Hope you're feeling okay and tell your son to hide his firehat lest his daddy come up with another brilliant way to use it that would require it to be tossed after said use and if we ever do meet, I would prefer to go OUT for dessert :)

  4. Hope everything is ok. I seem to remember a similar exercise when I was pregnant with my youngest. What fun.
    So, did you freeze the chicken for the luncheon?

  5. Julianne! Look at all of those articles! How many do you have now? Yee-haw, I'm going to have to feature you in my December "Sell-a-bration"! I hope you are game.

  6. umm....how does one lose a big while plastic toilet hat?