Sunday, September 12, 2010


Inspired by Common Sense with Money, a favorite blog of mine and the fact that I've had the DVD since May, I'm starting the 30 Day Shred tomorrow. The plan? Do the twenty minute workout every single day for 30 days, starting on level one for the first ten days then moving to level two on the 20th and ending at level three for the last ten days. Jillian Michaels is not my favorite person but I've read enough positive reviews of this 20 minute workout that I'm convinced I'll see results.

I know this is not exactly riveting blog material but my chances for success greatly increase when I share my plan with others. How can I let you, my thousands of screaming fans, down?

So, here goes. Wish me luck...


  1. I've thought about doing the same thing after seeing all the blogs talking about taking the challenge. I'm not ready to say I'll do it every day for 30 days right now but let me go eat dinner, an ice cream cone and a bag of potato chips and I'll get back to ya!

  2. hope you have great results, but, I like Dana's plan better.

  3. Okay so you got me motivated! I did the workout and it kicked my rear end! I don't remember it being that hard the last time I did it! Man...I'm more out of shape then I first thought! Not sure I can make it 30 days!

  4. Good luck! My good friend did this workout and had amazing results and she wasn't even doing it every day. I hope you'll keep us updated with your progress!