Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time's a Wastin'

My free preview of Bravo ended just in time to prohibit my viewing of Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Special. I was devastated. DEVASTATED. Ask Sean. A self-declared hater of most trashy reality shows, even he would get sucked in to the drama care of these hothead Italian women. Commercial breaks always snapped him back into reality and he removes himself from the viewing area but he just proves that, while there is no denying these shows bring your IQ down a few points with each episode, they do have a certain trashy appeal. The extent of my devastation, however, confirmed my suspicion that I need to cancel my cable completely. The DVR is the antidote to productivity and the shows that I enjoy most are not coming from PBS or The History Channel. They are on Bravo, A&E and VH1 and I can watch them at my convenience, commercial free thanks to the miracle that is DVR. I’m getting rid of it, turning off my Dish Network and adding a digital antennae that will allow us to keep the basic channels free of charge. Not having the option of sitting on my cozy sofa and zoning out to another episode of Hoarders will, in theory, cut down significantly on my time-wasting.

Has anyone out there in cyberspace cut their cable out? If so, what was it like? Any regrets? Are you glad you did it?

Of course all of my productivity resolve will have to wait until September 26 when my free preview of HBO ends. Now, off to post this so I can watch last night’s Housewives reunion online…


  1. I haven't had cable OR even an antenna since the final episode of LOST. The ONLY show I watch is True Blood which I download and watch on my computer. The kids watch dvds on the rare occasion we turn on the tv. I don't miss it at all...not one bit. But haven't really seen an increase in productivity either...I can always find a way to waste time and procrastinate.

  2. Um, no, I have not cut my cable. I'm afraid we have the same trashy TV tendencies, Julianne. I don't know about the antidote to productivity--I need some escape from my 13-hour days, but, then again, I have managed to cover two seasons of Weeds in the past month, but only a few episodes to go and I'll be current!