Thursday, June 26, 2008


Siegfried and Roy watch out! My son is only five years old and well on his way to becoming the next hot magician. I'm going to encourage him to stay away from sequins and albino tigers but, other than that, I'm all about him making his mark on the magic scene.

Today, for instance, he put on a dynamo magic show. The first couple of tricks were standard fare involving cards and pennies but the last one was a doozy. He walked into the room and stood on his "stage" in front of the coffee table, waving his magic wand in dramatic circles,

Son: Would you believe that I can turn myself into a metal robot?

Me: No way. I'll believe it when I see it.

Son: Close your eyes. Don't open them until I tell you that you can.

Me: OK

Lots of rustling takes place at this time, and I can hear him walk from the living room to his room and then back. There's some additional rustling and then some footsteps into the kitchen.

Son: You can open your eyes now

I look around and try to figure out what is going on. There, on the coffee table directly in front of where my son's "stage" was, is a little silver plastic robot, an Ironman Kid's Meal toy. I hear a voice from the kitchen,

Son (in best monosyllabic robot voice): I'm a robot. Would you like me to bring back the magician?

I did my best not to laugh and oohed and aahhed in amazement at my son's trick.

Me: Yes, please bring him back.

We went through the same process, lots of rustling and footsteps and the next time I opened my eyes my son was standing there with a proud grin on his face. I could have smeared him with butter and swallowed him whole, he was so adorable. Maybe I should take him on, "America's Got Talent" and let him perform his trick for David Hasselhoff in the hopes of becoming someone that won a show once and now does weddings and bah mitzvahs. Vegas, here we come!


  1. Sounds like you've got an authentic showman on your hands! Good luck with that Vegas career! :-)

  2. I'm laughing. This is why we blog, to remember these moments forever. Oh, and to avoid having to do housework.

  3. He's so adorable and brilliant! :D Good thing you've blogged this, what a great way to store memories here and tell this to him when he's 16!

  4. How sweet! He's too young to think about making his parents disappear.:D So cherish these moments.

  5. If Siegfried and Roy could do this, they wouldn't need the sequins!

  6. Fantastic!!!! Tell T I can't wait to see his magic show!!!

  7. Wow! I'm really impressed too! I pretty well knew we had 5 full fledged GENIUSES in the family, but, now , to discover there is real talent, my cup, it rune th over!!

  8. I love kids' imaginations. Ask him if he's doing a show in New Orleans any time soon.