Monday, June 2, 2008


I'm feeling a little random and ADD today so here goes:

I'm joining the throngs of stiletto-clad women and hitting the Cineplex to see Sex & the City tonight. I won't, however, be wearing Jimmy Choos. I don't own any. Spending $500 on a pair of shoes is so far out of the realm of possibilities for me that I can't quite wrap my head around it. I'm saving up for a screen door people. I've got no business spending $500 on anything. If you are out at the theater in Cleveland, TN tonight (there's really only one), look for me. I'll be the one in the ball cap and tennis shoes.

My son has made some strides in swimming lessons so far this summer. His reaction to getting his face wet changed from that of someone getting one of their limbs cut off with a dull knife to that of someone getting their finger tip cut off with a sharp knife. Progress is progress, right?

In Ugly Dawg news (take a look at her new logo—every camper needs a logo), I attempted to book a camping trip for Father's Day weekend (we're going with my parents) and was quoted $149 for one site for two nights. TWO NIGHTS! That's more than the-bomb-dot-com Fort Wilderness in Disney World and this is a little ol' town in Tennessee near the Smokies! I nearly drove the campground staff lady crazy with questions about location, proximity to water, playground, etc… and never even asked about cost. I was getting ready to give her my credit card number when she spilled the beans about the price. I shared with her how utterly absurd I thought that price was and politely declined to give her my credit information. I found an alternative for $28/night, bringing the grand total for both of our sites to $37 less than the cost of ONE of the sites at the other place.

Speaking of Fort Wilderness, I'm obsessed right now with my trip that is 187 days away. Do you know how I know that? Because my Walt Disney World trip planner tells me every time I log on. I've also joined a Fort Wilderness discussion board (yes, there is one) and can't stop reading it. I need to get a grip. Ugly Dawg's going to get a lot of miles on her before December.


  1. Way back when (July, 1986 to be exact) we stayed at Fort Wilderness... It was pretty fun and the boat ride to Disney was cool. I'm sure it's way more fun now.
    The lovely government here in IL is talking about raising camping fees... Uggh.. You should bring the camper for the reunion!! LOL!!

  2. Hmmm. Nothing wrong with being excited about Disney. I love Disney and I AM A PRINCESS. Deal with it. :)

  3. I am pleased to know you decided on a camper name that my Grandson could pronounce perfectly in his impeccable native tongue. Sorry, neither Grandma Mary or myself ever quite got the Sex in the City thing.

  4. I have a girls' night out tomorrow night to go see SATC....the funny part? It is four women I go to church with who are going to see it. We just couldn't bring ourselves to ask our female minister. Watching it with her would have just been a little too weird.

  5. Maybe one day when you are making millions for your writing you can buy $500 shoes. :)

  6. Even this crusty old person saw the Sex in the City movie and enjoyed it! I never watched the show, but my two girl friends were dying to see it. I was surprised that it was a "stand alone" movie - no need to know the storyline of the show to enjoy this movie.
    However - I must admit, it was pretty explicit. Probably not a good choice for a mother/daughter outing, but fun with girl friends.
    I am clearly NOT a Jimmy Choo fan or even a shopper, but even I could appreciate the closet in this movie - it is to die for!
    Looking forward to your movie review!
    Have fun!

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  10. Hi, It's the second time i'm posting you without a reply. I found your site using Yaehoo, does your site support firefox?