Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kitty Cages

There is rarely a dull moment in my house. With a daughter
who raises her voice an octave and a decibel every time she talks but is not responded
to immediately, a dog who has recently acquired a taste for all Littlest Pet Shop products, and a son
who manages to injure himself at least twice a day, I rarely have time to give myself
the half-hour of trashy reality TV and a self-pedicure that I deserve.  Last night was no exception.  My son was doing his usual afternoon routine
of making him and my daughter “Kitty Cages.” What is a kitty cage, you ask? Well, a kitty cage is my son’s infuriating
invention. Each one consists of a laundry basket, one or two strategically
placed chairs, and several blankets. They are always constructed in a
high-traffic area and leave me with no chair to sit in at my computer and no
way to get from the kitchen to the bathroom without performing a medal-worthy
gymnastics routine. What’s the best part
about kitty cages
, you ask? Well, funny you should ask that. Hands down,
the best part about kitty cages is the 10 minutes preceding bedtime when this
mean old haggard woman named “Mom” demands that all of the items in the kitty
cages be put away. My son’s reaction is typical. He falls to the floor in a
heap of tears and high-pitched screams, forcing me to threaten him within an
inch of his life and swear, up and down, that I will forbid kitty cages in my
house if he doesn’t comply.  Kitty cages
rock my world inside out. I’m so pleased that they have become a part of my

Last night wasn’t just any kitty cage night. There were
special circumstances. My son tried to incorporate the plastic headboard of my
daughter’s old toddler bed into the Kitty Cage building process. This involved
climbing to the top of the headboard (about 4 feet high). My son is not the
most graceful of children. His falls are frequent and spaztastic. His plummet
from the top of the headboard was no exception. He cried predictably and I did
my best to do the simultaneous consolation/lecture technique that so many
mothers employ, “I’m sorry that it hurt when you fell, honey but you know this
never would have happened if you wouldn’t have climbed on the furniture.” I
hugged him and went about my business. A couple minutes later I sat down to
watch a little TV with the kids and noticed that my son was very lethargic. He
kept falling asleep and, when ERI tried to wake him up, he seemed disoriented and
out of sorts. I started to panic and my husband arrived home shortly
thereafter. We agreed to keep him awake and watch him closely and we both
noticed a half-dollar-sized bruise on his temple. He continued to doze in and
out and we decided, fairly quickly, that a trip to the ER was in order. My
husband took him to the hospital and I stayed home with my daughter. At about
10:30 they returned with news that my son was fine but should be watched for
nausea or any other signs of a concussion for the next 24 hours. He got up and
went to Kindergarten this morning and was perfectly fine. He even found time to
build two elaborate Kitty Cages right in the middle of my kitchen.  And the cycle continues…


  1. Holy cow...what is it with kids? Some set their minds to the strangest activities. I don't know, perhaps he's going to be an architect. In that case I'd encourage tons of Kitty Cage building. Just think, he'll be making lots of money and can support you in your retirement.
    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife
    Who's daughter had PLENTY of odd activities.

  2. Ahh, yes, the late evening trip to the Emergency Room, I remember it well.Truman apparently picked up a few things from his Daddy and his Uncles. Not to worry until the staff at the E.R. know all the kids by name, and stop asking what happened and start saying AGAIN?? Keep that Insurance paid up, sounds like you'll need it. As for the Kitty Cages, all I can say is 'good luck', maybe this won't last too long.

  3. goodness gracious! I am glad he is ok. Garrett makes train sets all over the living room floor before school and the wants me to try to keep them intact with 2 three yr olds and 2 dogs! Not gonna happen not gonna happen my friend.

  4. Come on, that sounds like the best fun. My kids call them dens and they usually require the use of my favourite cushions or the pillow off my side of the bed, but they have the best times making them. Can't say mine have ended up in casualty because of it mind!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I really do appreciate it. Have had a root around at yours and I like the cut of your jib! The library incident is just priceless!

  5. Before reading the whole story I must say I think our kids are so much a like!!!!!
    Trey and Ben are always playing "Puppy Dog". Ben is the puppy dog, "Sparky" and Trey well, he I guess is his caretaker, lol. They are always looking for materials to make "Sparky's" doghouse w/. Usually, blankets from the living room, the coffee table, or something crazy in the playroom. This is a favorite game of theirs and when the mean monster "Mom" demands it all to stop and be put up, I get the same drama in our house from Trey. UUGH

  6. Boy Truman!! Glad he is ok.

  7. What is it with our boys and kitty's? lol! So glad he's ok! Cody is still in the kitty phase too! So glad he was ok..crazy kid ;)