Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Almost Perfect

My oldest daughter is beautiful. I know I'm biased but she's not just beautiful by her adoring mother's standards. She's beautiful by society's standards. She has tons of brown hair, giant brown eyes and a gorgeous round face. She's the reason Brown-Eyed Girl was written. When she was born I looked her over and admired the sheer perfection that was her tiny body with one exception. There was a large patch of dark hair on her lower back. Her doctor noticed it too at the 2-month check-up. He said something like, "Oh she's just beautiful," then turned her over and said, "And I see she has a little patch of hair on her back. Don't worry Mama. That will fall out. It's not uncommon in babies born a little early." I tried to hide my relief.

She turned four last week and the patch is still there. It's even expanded a bit to take up a sizable area on her little backside. I guess my princess has a touch of werewolf in her. As long as hair doesn't start showing up on her upper lip, I'm ok with that.

I brought my newest little girl to the doctor yesterday for her 2-month check-up. It was déjà vu. "She's perfect Mama. I see she has a little hair on her back but that will fall out. It's not uncommon." Yeah right. I can say, in all honesty, that my back is hair-free. Both girls have inherited this trait from their Father's side of the family. Thanks Hales! Much appreciated.

Which of my lucky children inherited my non-hairy back? My son. Figures.

**I was initially going to title this Blog, "A Hairy Pair" but thought better of it. It's pretty funny in retrospect.**


  1. O.K., in defense of the Hale clan, the hairy back thing actually goes back to your husband's Paternal Grandmother's Family, yep, the whole pack of Whiteheads could go shirtless in December and never even know it was freezing!! I have no idea how they developed this natural affliction, but, I do remember when I was a lad growing up in Southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee, we never had any of my Great-uncles visit when there was a full moon, and there was a peculiar absence of silver in the cutlery drawer and never any wolfbane growing in the garden. Hey, I'm just sayin'.....

  2. "A Hairy Pair"...that's AWESOME! Bwah ha ha ha ha!

  3. Oh boy. Well at least when they're teens if it's still there maybe they won't be tempted to wear those tummy showing shirts.
    Right? Yeah. Happy to help.
    I'll go now.

  4. At least at our MortFest reunions, Jackie, Tatum, and Harper can all be sportin' the fuzzy, furry backs.