Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Down the Road

My street leaves something to be desired, especially at the end, where it T's into a major highway. There my street, which sounds deceptively bucolic with a name like "Fairway Drive," is flanked on either side by some pretty intense eye sores. On the left side is The Rebel Drive-In. Aside from its unfortunate name, this Cleveland landmark is actually a pretty good place to eat. It's been around for years and I could see it appearing on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. The building is nothing to write home about but it is not particularly offensive either, except right now. The large iconic sign that faces the road is leaning precariously to one side as if it has been hit by a car or truck. It is one of those marquee signs with the removable letters. Right now, however, there are no letters but under the broken sign is a new sign, a portable smaller marquee. This is what it says:



We've got a new business moving in across the street from the Rebel, the fourth or fifth in a line of failed attempts in that particular building. While driving back from picking my son up from school one day I noticed that the new ownership was doing some redecorating. It's an auto repair shop but they had clearly been shopping in the mismatched paint section at Lowe's because they had chosen a bright coral color for the exterior and a canary yellow for the trim. The front of the building was 2/3 painted and there was no sign that they intended to finish. After uttering some obscenities under my breath, I decided to embrace it. Hell, if our car ever breaks down, we won't need to call a tow truck. We can just put it in neutral and push it to the Backwoods Barbie repair shop down the street. I'm happy to report that the original color scheme was scrapped for a much more tasteful white with canary yellow trim and the shop should be open for business any day now.


  1. Having frequented The Rebel Dinner when Sean and I were remodeling your upstairs, I must agree, the place is ready for Diners,Drive-ins, and Dives, and, the Sign is just precious, you should send a picture to Leno or Letterman, 'Free T-shirt!!!!' time! As for the Garage, sometimes, no matter how hard you pray, you just can't get a well placed lightning strike.

  2. I don't have any eyesore businesses, but one of these days, I'm going to do a whole post of some of the more "colorful" yards on my road. Think lots of faux animals and entire front yards that have been paved over. Classy.

  3. Julianne - You make the most mundane things so very interesting! I feel like I learn a lot from your writing. (This is when I begin nagging you about writing a memoir.)