Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I just wanted to send a shout out to Alyson, Chase and Camden.  Congratulations on the arrival of Cooper Gray, a healthy baby boy born this morning. Alyson is bound and determined that he will NOT be called "Coop."  Yeah, good luck with that.  We cannot wait to meet him!


  1. Just wanted to also congratulate Angie, George, Ashley, Austin, Anderson, and Alison on the arrival of Anna Elizabeth on February 22nd! She's destined for greatness with a birthday like that!

  2. Yeah, I'm already wanting to call him little "mini coop". My father in-law just bought one of the new "Mini Cooper's" So when my kids found out that Alyson named the baby Cooper they said "just like Granjohn's new car!!" So Aly, I will try to contain my family from calling him "Coop" :)

  3. Congrats alyson!! I love the name cooper!