Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Hallmark Holiday

I always get screwed during the Holiday of Love due to its close
chronological proximity to my birthday.  This really isn't a big deal
as my husband and I are not big Valentine's people.  I can pretty much
guarantee that I will not be recieving any jewelry on this glorious
occassion just as I can also guarantee that my husband will not be
recieving any power tools or garden gadgets.  It's just not something
we do.

Our Valentine's spending limit is usually around $10 (and
that includes the card!) so my husband usually ends up with two or
three pez dispensers (he's a collector) and I end up with a bag of
gummy worms (my favorite treat).  I know some women who get diamonds
every February 14th.  I am not one of those women.  What can I say?
For me, gummy worms are a girl's best friend.

I debated about
what to get my children for Valentine's Day this year.  I was going to
just get them a card until I talked to some friends and found out that
they were getting some candy, a card, and a $20-25 gift for their kids.  Never one to
shy away from keeping up with the Joneses, I braved the Valentine aisle
at Wal-Mart with all of the rest of the last minute shoppers.
Thankfully, the children's card section was relatively crowd free. 
The same cannot be said for the wife/girlfriend section.  That small
space was stuffed with men of all ages, arms heavy with all varieties
of candy and lame $4.94 stuffed animals, perusing the cards searching
for the perfect one for their special lady.  I rolled my eyes and
judged them harshly for their procrastination.  Without further ado, I
made my way to the  husband card section.   I found pretty good cards
(considering the sparse selection) for my husband and my kids and made
my way to the book aisle.  I purchased a book for each child as well as
a small candy treat.  I think that is sufficient.  I'll probably hear
stories about my son's friends and their shiny new Valentine's bikes
and Power Wheels but I will have no problem responding to these tales.
I'll just look at my son knowingly and say, "Just be thankful that one of your gifts
was non-perishable."


  1. Melinda-
    Just thought you should know that your holiday conspiracy theory inspired this title!

  2. LOL! As I said the other day I feel I should show my spouse/children that I love them everyday not just a day thought up to show them this. That being said my husband did show up with a dozen red roses and a heart shaped box filled with chocolate! Why is the 14th special? How did valentine's even come about? I feel sure it is from some people somewhere that said hey let's make more money and create a day that you have to buy lavish things to show you significant other you love them! Genius!! I wish I was one of the marketing people who thought of this day!

  3. I've never been big on Valentine's Day either. There have been few when I had a girlfriend. This year, I decided to make a nice dinner, roses on the table, and champagne by the fireplace. This is the first time in many years, that I had a girlfriend I care deeply about and wanted to do it up.