Friday, May 25, 2007

The Bunny Bandit

I had a rather bizarre conversation with my son today that I
feel compelled to share. I was on the
phone with my friend Jacquelyn this morning. She and her husband just purchased a new travel trailer and they are
taking it for its maiden voyage this weekend. We are coming along and sharing a site but we’ll be sleeping in a tent,
enjoying the luxury that their trailer has to offer like the moochers that we
are. My kids are super excited about
this camping trip and my son was listening intently to my phone
conversation. I got off of the phone
and he started asking questions:

Son: Mommy who were
you talking to?

Me: Jacquelyn.

Son: What’s wrong
with her camper?

Me: They can’t get
the door unlocked.

Son: Why not?

Me: Well, they’re
not sure. Something is wrong with the

Son: I think I know
what happened.

Me: Oh yeah, what?

Son: Do you remember
that big rabbit that I scared out of the garden yesterday
(yesterday is any day
that exists in the past to my son)?

Me: Yes, what about

Son: Well, I think he did something to
the camper door.

Me:  What? What makes you think that?

Son: Well, rabbits
sometimes do bad things. They like to
chew up all of the vegetables in people’s garden. I bet that rabbit chewed up the lock on their camper.

Me: I don’t think a
rabbit could reach the doorknob, son. Their camper is pretty big

Son: Mommy, rabbit’s
can hop really high. It could have
hopped up and messed up the lock.

Me: Do you know how
far away Jacquelyn’s house is? I don’t
think that rabbit could have made it there.

Son:  It sure did run
fast when I ran it out of the garden.

Me: OK. Well, you’ll have to tell Jacquelyn that
you’ve solved the mystery of her jammed camper door.

Son:  You tell her.

Me: Trust me. You’ve got to tell her.

This went on for a while. How he made the connection between the rabbit in our backyard and
Jacquelyn’s travel trailer door, I have no idea. Apparently, in his mind rabbits are dark, sinister creatures that
travel long distances to commit acts of vandalism.  No wonder he didn’t want to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap.


  1. Tell Truman the bunny is no longer in Tennessee, he has hopped his way to my garden, where he found my peas and green beans to be quite tasty, I now have a fence and a scare crow (left over from Halloween decorations) to help keep the little thieves away from my 1st attempt at the green thumb thing, and, now, with the warning about locks, I'm going to keep a closer watch on the gate latch!! P.S., Grandma Mary seems to think I may be subject to some ridicule when the Northern Hale Clan sees the Garden helper I posted as a guard, I don't think this is possible with all the respect this group always shows me. Have a great camping trip, and watch out for those attack rabbits, I seem to remember some living in Plains Georgia, on the Carter place.

  2. Papa Dale-
    I'm pretty sure we won't be able to make fun of you too much. Our scarecrow consists of a disposable aluminum turkey pan and an empty can of Coor Light tied to a pole. Rich!

  3. Well that explains a lot! I am always having unexplained things happen here around my house and now thanks to Truman I know it's those damn rabbits!! Now that we have Eli the giganormous dog he should keep things under control for us. I can loan him out for about 20 bucks and hour if you are willing to pay. Have a safe and fun camping trip and watch out for those killer rabbits!

  4. When we were groing up, my brothers and I got a rabbit from the easter bunny one year. No joke, that rabbit was the deamon rabbit! Well, to make a long story short, one day about two years ago, my brother Scott and I had her out to clean her cage. I reached in to put her in the hutch, she growled, and bit me. I jumped and droped her. When she started to run away, hissing non the less, my brother goes, "We should just let her run." And we did. So I guess in thoes two years, Floopy made her way to the south just to eat up camper locks.

  5. I have visions of Bunnicula running through my head!

  6. Melinda-
    I might need to borrow Eli for a bit. I had to talk Sean out of breaking out the bi bi (no idea if this is spelled right) gun twice this week. I can't handle a dead rabbit right now.

  7. Linda-
    I'm pretty sure Floopy lives in my backyard now, running back and forth between my friend's house and mine, reaking havoc.

  8. Emily-
    It cracks me up that you mentioned "Bunnicula." I considered making that the title of this entry but didn't think anyone would get it. I LOVED that book as a child!

  9. Well his schedule is free this week, next week not so much. He will have them gone in a jiffy!