Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The day after Mother’s Day my husband took off. He hopped on a plane to Texas for a last
minute business trip, leaving me to fend for myself. I guess he figured he had thanked me enough for giving birth to
and raising his two children when he finished installing the hummingbird feeder
that he and the kids got me for Mother’s Day. I had been appreciated enough. He could leave. All kidding
aside, this trip offered a great opportunity for his career and I fully support
him. I just don’t like it when he is

I don’t like having the full responsibility of the kids all
day with no break. I don’t like sitting
alone on the couch after the kids go to sleep watching our favorite TV shows
solo and I don’t like sleeping alone. I
guess the latter is the reason that I caved to my son’s request to sleep with
me last night. He claimed to hear
strange noises in his bedroom that kept waking him up. Whatever. He sensed my vulnerability in the absence of his father and decided to
capitalize on it.

Regardless of the reason, I caved. I tucked my son in on my husband’s side of our bed and kissed him
goodnight. I laid down beside him,
hoping to get to sleep early when he turned to me and, totally unprovoked, said

“Mommy, do you know why I like to sleep with you so much?”


“Because I don’t have to wait to see you when I wake up in
the morning. You’re right there.”

I melted. I cannot
imagine a sweeter sentiment coming out of anyone’s mouth. I knew, right then and there, that my son
would be sleeping on my husband’s pillow every night until he returned
home. I fell asleep a very happy,
peaceful Mama.


  1. That truly was a sweet and meaningful way to be told Happy Mother's Day the day after, and, at face value, I know it meant a huge amount to you, it also re-enforces the facts that we have discussed in the past, you and your husband are very intelligent people, and, you have two very smart kids, in passing, it seems the Trumster is secerately taking advanced college Psych., doing quite well in the class, and may be a little smarter than both his parents, watch that boy, he is sharp!! Hope you don't miss T.S.H. too much while he's out on the steak run, and, a belated Happy Mother's Day from the 2 of us to the best Mom we know in the whole state of Tennessee.

  2. how stinking sweet is that!! When he is fussing and doing all the crazy stuff he does just remember this little saying. So sweet!!!

  3. Thanks Papa Dale. It was the best Mother;s Day gift I could have hoped for. What a sweetie T is.
    What a very diplomatic Father-In-Law thing to say about me being the best Mom in TN. Whatcha gonna say about the other two and your wife? The whole "State of Illinois" thing is out the window. Good luck with that!
    Thanks, by the way. I appreciate the compliment. It means a lot.

  4. Good advice, Melinda. I need to get that statement tattooed on his forehead so that I remember it whenever I yell at him. Is that child abuse?

  5. naaa it is not child abuse. Just give him a good dose of whiskey before hand and he won't even feel it! If you get it done in rainbow colors it will match all his clothes!

  6. Grandma Mary never logs on, and the other two don't have blogs, so I'll probably tell them both that they know they've always been my favorite, (while they are not in the same room, of course), and hope they don't log on to A.G.H. anytime soon.

  7. I heard that.

  8. He is the sweetest!!! That made me melt!

  9. Kids can sure be sweet. Lately Trey and Ben have taken to brushing my hair. I love it, is it so sweet.
    In order to get Trey to take a nap, this last week, we napped together. After reading a book, he would ask "Can I rub your hair mommy". Soo sweet!
    This evening Ben blew me a kiss as he drove down in his car. So sweet.