Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Elusive Puddle of Pee

The frequency that my daughter shows up at my side in a pair
of my son’s tighty whiteys has increased ten-fold in the past few weeks so I
decided that it was high time she had her own underwear. I made a trek to Wal-Mart yesterday to
purchase some panties for her. I tried
to make a big deal out of it and took my daughter with me to “help” me pick
them out. She got very excited when she
saw the package and tried everything in her power, including trying to rip the
plastic packaging with her teeth, to open the package before we got to the
check out. Thankfully, she did not
succeed, nor did she suffocate on the plastic that I’m pretty sure she
swallowed in the process.

We got home and she immediately took the underwear out of
the bag and requested that I open them. I tore open the package and took off her diaper so that she could put on a
pair. She put on the pink pair then she
removed them and put on the white pair. She kept the white pair on for all of thirty seconds and moved on to the
next one. She went through all six
pairs two or three times. I must say
that my daughter standing there in her teeny tiny underwear was
a-freakin’-dorable. It made me want to
institute an underwear only dress code for the under-three crowd in my home.

I decided to keep her in the underwear until she used the potty. I explained to her that she would need to
take off the panties and sit on the potty when she had to go to the
bathroom. She nodded as if she
understood every word. I went about the
business of my evening, getting dinner ready and tidying up. About a half-hour and ten garment changes
later, my daughter came to me pointing at her bottom, saying, “I wet.” I felt her undies and they were perfectly
dry so I checked the potty. It was dry as a
bone. I set out to find the elusive
puddle of pee in my living room. After
searching on my hands and knees every inch of carpet I came upon a Tupperware
bowl that the kids had been playing with earlier. Sure enough, it was wet. My daughter had squatted over that bowl and peed. Under normal circumstances I would be
overjoyed that she took off her panties and peed in a bowl. That’s pretty darn close to peeing in the
toilet. The potty, however, was less
than five feet away from the bowl. Given the choice between a bowl and an actual potty, my daughter chose
the bowl. What I wouldn’t have given to
be a fly on the wall when she was going.


  1. LOL J! She is too cute, and I say go ahead with the underwear only rule! Hopefully she'll make it to the potty next time! Good Luck :)

  2. I think the tupperware was probably at an easier height for her to pee into than the adult size toilet. Besides, it's much more fun to pee on, in, or around anything other than a toilet. :)

  3. Lesson #1, get bigger Tupperware bowls, Lesson #2, Don't serve Papa Dale Toastie O'S for breakfast in Tupperware ever again. (If I remember correctly, when she was last in Illinois, she was trying to sit on a 4 inch tall doll's chair, the girl has some difficulty estimating sizes.)overall, sounds like a real good start to potty training.