Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beginner's Luck Daniel Son

My son has upped the ante with his Mr. Miyagi tendencies
lately. He can catch flies with his
bare hands. It’s not an isolated
incident either. He catches one fly at
least two to three times a week. Here’s
how it goes:

I am usually folding laundry, cooking or changing my
daughter’s diaper and my son will yell from the living room, “Mommy. I need you.” This is a phrase that I have come to decipher to mean one of two

A) My son has just gone to the bathroom and needs help wiping.

B) My son has caught a fly and wants me to open the door so that
he can let it out.

If he is in any room other than the bathroom when he makes
his request I can assume that it is B. I finish what I’m doing and go into the living room to see what’s going
on. He shows me the fly which he holds,
ever-so-delicately, between his thumb and forefinger by the wing. The fly is always alive and it’s little legs
are moving at 100 miles an hour. He asks
me to open the door and I always comply. He holds his hand out the door and opens up his fingers. The little bug immediately takes flight and
he says, “bye fly!” and shuts the door.

I always ask him, “How did you do that?”

My son responds with a should shrug, “I just did.”

This talent, coupled with his freakishly long tongue, is a
guaranteed in on The Letterman Show’s Stupid Human Tricks segment.


  1. With the graphic detail you use to describe my only Grandson, could it be he's using something besides his fingers to catch these flies? I can't help by wonder if someone kissed a few frogs in their quest to find Prince Charming.

  2. WOW! That is too funny! I gotta see this one!

  3. Papa Dale-
    Hmmm... I didn't think of that. Maybe he is secretly catching them with that ginormous tongue and secretly putting them in his hand to show me. Interesting theory.

  4. It happens just about every other day so stop by sometime Candice. In all likelihood, you will get to witness a "catch."

  5. That is amazing actually. I am quite impressed at this especially seeing as how my husband has tried without success many times. Like papa dale this talent with his long tongue does make me wonder about him........