Monday, June 18, 2007

Mini Waffle Debacle

Father’s Day was fairly uneventful in our house. I attempted to make my husband French toast
(his request) but failed miserably. I
left the bread in the mixture too long and each
piece of bread disintegrated in the pan. The only survivor was the end piece. It held together by virtue of the extra crust. He said that piece was “pretty good.” This probably wasn’t a Father’s Day that my husband will remember
for years to come. It was kind of sad

Breakfast may have been a bust but my husband did take
advantage of his special day by getting some extra work done in the
garden. After a couple beers and some
digging in the dirt, he came inside to get some water. When he opened the freezer to get some ice,
a mini waffle fell out. I bought them
for the first time a few weeks ago.  It was my first
experience with miniature breakfast pastries and, in a momentary lapse of
reason and impulse control, I took the four mini waffles apart in preparation
to cook them. It was only after I
looked at the cooking instructions that I realized the waffles were connected
so that they could be put into a toaster just like a regular sized waffle. I thumped myself on the forehead for being
such a dufus and, unable to swallow just chucking them in the trash can, I threw the four mini waffles that I had separated back into the
package.  It was one of these mini waffles that fell out of the freezer and led to
my husband’s pathetic attempt to make up for my breakfast debacle.

My husband wasn’t really sure where the mini waffle had come
from but he didn't really seemed to care.  It was as if a giant gold nugget had fallen from the sky.  He picked that sad little
waffle (about an inch in diameter) off of the floor and put it into the toaster
to cook it. Not wanting to burn it, he
put the toaster on the lowest setting and waited until it was finished to dig
the mini waffle out with a knife. He
set it on a cake plate, poured a teeny tiny bit of syrup on it and ate it,
enjoying every bite. I watched from a
distance, chuckling at his desperate love of breakfast pastries.

Lesson learned: a
trip to IHOP makes a great Father’s Day present.


  1. We have bought those little pastries and I can not believe your husband cooked one in the toaster by it's self! That is crazy! Were there none left? I am glad he enjoyed it though. Were they the cinna. kind? Love them!

  2. Never, never, never stick a fork in the toaster! I always just turn them upside down and shake like crazy. Now you understand why we like to take everyone out to Shoney's Breakfast Buffet, the pancakes, waffles, and, French toast are just passable, but, Oh My!, that never ending supply of fried pork sausage and bacon!!!! add that to the biskitn'gravy (Yes, one word) the fried apples, and the fried 'taters with onion, and....ummm....gravy.... what were we talking about? oh, yeah, my new diabetes medicine.

  3. That's why you need a toaster oven! You can toast your fat bagels, your single mini waffle and even bake banana bread, corn muffins, french fries or crescent rolls in it! If you have a large enough one, you can even make a Totino's pizza, without halving it! YUM!!

  4. LOL! Poor Sean! You crack me up J! We went to Cracker Barrel ;)

  5. Melinda-
    They were whole wheat ones, still very good. I love me some mini waffles!

  6. Papa Dale-
    You sound like your son. He loves all varieties of breakfast goodies.
    I'll have to remind him of his Daddy's life lesson: never stick a fork in a toaster. Clearly he is in need of a refresher course.

  7. Emily-
    Mental note: purchase toaster oven soon. I used to have one and we never used it. I guess I was missing out.

  8. Candice-
    I know. Sean has it rough. I don't cook breakfasts and I'm not a big fan of biscuits and gravy or sausage of any kind. I'm the anti-Sean when it comes to breakfast!