Monday, July 16, 2007

The Return of the Culotte

How do you know that you’ve reached a new level of
uncoolness? You find out that you are
out of sync with the latest grammar trends. Nevermind my lack of hipness in regards to fashion, music andPunctuation
(I purchased my first MP3 player less than 3 months ago and find my recent
upgrade to wireless internet to be nothing short of miraculous), I am now faced
with the knowledge that my punctuation, along with my wardrobe, is out of

I learned today that the double space after the period in
magazine/newspaper writing has become obsolete. Who knew? I was taught
that those spaces were imperative to a successful writing assignment. In fact, as a student my grades would suffer
if I used one space instead of two. It
seems that, in order to gain favor with my potential editors, I’m going to have
to go against what my teachers and professors instilled in my brain. What’s next? No capitalization at the beginning of sentences? The return of the culotte?


  1. And, I remember the puzzled looks that came my way when I described myself as a Dinosaur, Welcome, welcome, Oh Sage One, to My World. ;)

  2. Either you have already started single spacing, or this has single spaced for you!

  3. What? Culottes are "out"?

  4. Papa Dale-
    Thanks for the warm welcome to the world of uncoolness. Is there a gift bag for new members?

  5. Emily-
    I did my best. This entry was my practice run. It's tough, this one-space business!

  6. Will's Nana-
    See the fourth comment on the next blog entry :)