Friday, May 30, 2008

Chihuahua Tasering in the ‘Hood

I got a check from the City of Cleveland yesterday for $25. They actually reimbursed me for the cost of my doChihuahuag because I brought proof of his neutering to the Animal Control office. Talk about a deal. The Dud was free, plus I get 40 or 50% off of his veterinary care because he is a rescue dog. It blows my mind that there 
are stores out there that offer financing for purchasing a dog. Financing! A weird, bassetty mutt at the local shelter beats the heck out of a $900 Yorkie in a sweater. Come on! Dudley could wipe the floor with some pedigreed Yorkie. Puh-lease!

Speaking of vicious dogs, we took a family walk in our 'hood last night and came upon several varieties of scary canines including, but not limited to:

  • A pit bull with a tumor on his face that makes him look like the scary guy from Goonies who wanted a Baby Ruth so desperately.

  • A boxer tied to a precarious looking stake, barking aggressively at us.

  • A Rottweiler tied to a similar stake in the same yard barking even more aggressively at us.

  • A leash-less Chihuahua who cracked me up but, nonetheless made my ankles a bit nervous with his throaty barks and bared teeth.

  • A leash less German Shepherd the size of Texas who followed us for the length of two yards along with his side-kick, a yellow lab the size of Arkansas, barking at us with his ears back and his hackles up.

I remembered, after the encounter with Cujo and his sidekick, why we drive 2 miles to a local park to take our walks. I've got two options:

  1. Invest in a tazer

  2. Drive the four miles round trip for our walks

I think the kids might be permanently scarred if they saw me taze the Chihuahua so I better stick with option 2.


  1. Holy Guacamole! I'm scarred just reading about the dogs you guys encountered while going for a walk! I think ya may just wanna stick to our greenway. It's safe there ;)

  2. My friend just got bit by her neighbor's pitbull. They had been watching her children while she mowed her lawn (her husband was deployed with the Guard) and the dog bit her out of no where when she picked them up. Ummm... Why do people keep saying they are harmless?
    However, my grandmother had a pretty nasty Chihuahua named Timmy - guess sharp teeth come in all sizes...
    I "heart" Dudley. So bring the taser.

  3. yawzers batman! That walk does not sound appealing! Note to self always drive car to jules's house.

  4. Hey don't Tennessee have a concealed carry law? Go ahead, spring for the Glock 9mm, I'd gor the the high capacity clip, 15 rounds is better than 9 anytime

  5. If you buy the Taser I would gladly come down to the back woods and teach you how to use it. The down side is the Taser is a one shot item. Better off like papa dale said and get a Glock with a high capacity magazine, that way you can shoot all the dogs on your walk at once. T is getting to the age he should learn how to use a gun so Ben and I could come down and teach him to shoot and you could let him carry the pistol for you. It will give him a leg up when he wants to be a police officer like his uncles when he grows up.