Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Status Quo

Julianne has a little problem with Facebook. She's hooked on it and has, as a result, begun thinking in terms of her Facebook status which, for those of you unfamiliar with Facebook, always starts out with the word, "Julianne" and must be confined to 160 characters or less.

Julianne now thinks in the third person. She worries this may be a tad narcissistic.

Julianne likes for her Facebook status to either be clever, poignant, humorous or some combination of the three. This is difficult for her to accomplish in less than 160 characters.

Julianne hopes that this thinking in terms of Facebook status condition of hers doesn't seep into her everyday life. She may hear herself say things such as this:

Julianne wants her daughter to stop asking for a snack and start eating her meals. If this doesn't happen, her daughter will be placed in time out.

Julianne does not want to ask her son to turn off the Wii again. If she does, she will take his privileges away tomorrow.

Julianne is trying to talk on the phone. She wishes her two children would stop making requests long enough for her to change her doctor's appointment. If they don't, Julianne will be forced to lock herself in the closet.

Julianne is now locked in the closet. Thankfully, she remembered to bring her laptop.




  1. Lately, I've received numerous invitations to become a "friend" on Facebook. I've been hesistant. But I think I can really get into this third person thing. I like it!

  2. ditto. Everything. My name is Emily and I am a Facebook addict.

  3. Rachel loves this! I have thought about the status thing once in while - but you have nailed it. So funny!

  4. Papadale is a little worried about J. Papadale knows, it has been a long Winter, and he feels your pain.

  5. Bethany also takes laptop to closets. And cheetos.

  6. Becky understands as well. Becky hates when she is denied her complete thought because of lack of characters. Becky always wants her status to be clever too, and thinks that no one probably cares if "Becky is at work...again."

  7. Angie thinks that this whole talking in 3rd person idea is empowering. Angie feels very important all of a sudden. Angie is now hungry and thinks that Bethany's cheetos mention is an excellent idea.

  8. Is there a problem with locking ones self in the closet with a laptop?

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