Monday, January 19, 2009

White House Scandal

A little inaugural humor for your Monday:

We discussed the election quite a bit in our house. We tried to use that opportunity to teach our son about the basics of U.S. Government. In the process, my daughter picked up some information. She knows who both John McCain and Barack Obama are and she could definitely pick them out in a line-up. Both the kids know that Obama won the election and they always point him out on TV or in print ads. Yesterday, I was reading the Sunday paper and my daughter picked up the USA Weekend magazine with Barack and Michele Obama on the cover. She looked at it for a second, held it up for me to see and said, in a voice that implies a scandal, "Mommy. Did you know that Bock (her name for him) Obama has a girlfriend?"

This launched us into a discussion about marriage and family that was followed by many, many questions that I'm pretty sure she's still confused about. So, we'll be tuning in to watch Bock Obama and his girlfriend at the inauguration tomorrow. His two love children will probably be with him as well. That should open the floor up for some interesting topics.


  1. I've personally been fortunate enough to have kept the same girlfriend for almost 40 years now, please don't tell Grandma Mary about her though, it would probably wreck our relationship. So, if you really want to mess poor Tatum's head up, try explaining to her about Papa's girls. I know 'Bock' is a relative newcomer to this, but he seems to be catching on, and has a lot of potential.

  2. Poor old Bock. Not even in office yet and he's already got his first scandal. How many pictures are there of this family though? I've seen quite a few of staged shots of them. Have they had time to do anything other than get their picture taken?

  3. It's never too soon to teach our kids about politics, is it? I'm with Tired Mama - they sure do have a lot of glamour shots!