Friday, October 13, 2006

Deboning a Chicken

I have figured it out, the fundamental difference between
men and women. No matter what men do,
it’s always enough. No matter what
women do, it’s never enough.

We were having company over for dinner this weekend and I
made chicken fajitas. I cooked a chicken
in the crock-pot during the day and, while I took my shower, I asked my husband
to debone the chicken. He did. I was grateful but I still had a ton to do:
make salsa, grate the cheese, make the rice, the beans, and season the
chicken. Time was not on my side and I
was getting a little stressed. Sitting
in the sink were about 6 dishes from the deboning process (an absurd amount in my opinion).

“Are you going to do those dishes?” I asked.

“I deboned the
chicken.” He replied and walked out of the room.

Wow.  It must be nice
to feel so fulfilled after performing one task that you feel like you can move on to other things. As a woman, I never feel this way. This difference
between men and women is not some sort of epiphany that I had and, in my infinite wisdom, am sharing with you.  The chicken incident just really brought it to the surface for me.   It's fascinating to me that women never really feel like they have contributed enough to their children,
their husband, their friends, or their job. Whereas men walk around, for the most part, with a clear conscience,
knowing that they have done their part. Why are women so fraught with guilt and so driven to overcompensate for
something that is never quite defined? Is the need to please some sort of intrinsic desire that we all have
from birth or is it something we develop after we become adults and become brainwashed by society's expectations of us as well as our own unrealistic expectations.  I think it is time
we get inside the heads of our husbands and partners and figure out how they
live a guilt-free existence. As much as
we hate to admit it, we might actually learn something from them.


  1. Mary learned a long time ago, buy boneless chicken breast, that way you don't have to lower your expectatons to 'catch up' with your far superior male spouse. THERE, I SAID IT!!! Now, if we hadn't wasted all the culinary skills on son #3, Maybe, just maybe, #2 might have learned to de-bone AND do dishes, dratted jean pool anyway........

  2. I usually use the boneless breasts but this recipe is MUCH better if there is a little dark meat too so I use a whole chicken. Yeah, my husband's culinary skills are not that great. He is a master on the grill though. He can cook a mean steak.

  3. I love chicken fajitas. I would've done the dishes when done, then give you a little kiss and ask if there was anything else I could do to help. Maybe this is because I'm still single and have been morphed by a woman yet.

  4. Uncle Carni-
    I know you would. You're awesome in the kitchen!

  5. Don't get me started on this one!
    My solution is easy though- WOMEN NEED TO RISE UP!!!! It is our time to rule the world.