Sunday, October 8, 2006

For the Kids

Finding a good compilation album of children’s music is
challenging, to say the least. One surprisingly
good one is “For the Kids.” Released by
Nettwerk Records in 2002, “For the Kids” features several well-known artists
singing both classic and not-so-classic children’s songs. This one is definitely one of my favorites
because it has a nostalgia factor with some classic songs for our generation as
well as some very appealing new songs. Children of the seventies can rock out to Cake singing, “Mahna
Mahna.” This song will bring back
memories of hippie puppets on “Sesame Street” that looked like they were
straight out of a commune, singing a nonsense song. My son’s favorite song is “La La La Lemon” by the Barenaked Ladies. He cracks up every time he hears it.  He also loves “Snow Day” by Bleu even though,
at three-years-old, he has no idea what a snow day is. My favorite song, by far, is “Wonderwheel”
by Dan Zanes. I make my children listen
to it over and over again. It is one of
those songs that fills you with joy every time you hear it. With a few exceptions, most of the 16 tracks
on “For the Kids” are great. I highly
recommend it.

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