Monday, October 2, 2006

Kan't Doo

Kandoo wipes are a racket. For those of you unfamiliar with this
product, Kandoo wipes are small, moist wipes that are marketed to
toilet-trained toddlers for the purpose of wiping. They are made by Pampers and come in a cute purple and green
container that fits perfectly on top of the toilet. I buy them. My son
expects to be furnished with them and if we run out of refills, I run to the
store to get some.

One refill of Kandoo (50 wipes) runs me about $3.94 at my
local Wal-Mart. That works out to be
roughly 8 cents per wipe. Wow. That’s the first time I’ve done the
math. What this boils down to is that,
essentially, every time my son drops the kids off at the pool, we flush 8,
sometimes 16 (for big jobs), cents down the toilet, literally. What a crock.

Why does my son need wet wipes? He’s not in diapers anymore. Is he too good for toilet
paper? Is his pallor skin that has
never gotten a freckle because of the massive amounts of sunscreen I douse him
with anytime we are outside so delicate that Charmin would give him welts? I think not. Deep down, I know why I buy Kandoo wipes. I see them on TV in the hands of toddlers, wiping themselves with glee and
grinning for the camera. I see boxes of
Kandoo at my friends’ houses, glaring at me, daring me NOT to buy them. How mortifying would it be if my son drug
the box out of a friend's bathroom and said, “look Mom, they do
still make Kandoo wipes! See?”

My current situation allows for the extravagance of Kandoo
wipes. I only have one child that uses
the precious commodity. He’s a boy so
he does not wipe as often. What do
parents of girls do? They must have to
buy refills every week! If I have my
way, my daughter will never know what a Kandoo wipe is. She’ll think the charming green and purple
box is just a decoration that every family has.


  1. Hey Julianne! I use the Huggies brand, and I HAVE to use something moist for my boys, cause otherwise let's just say, they will go through a whole roll of T.P. and that leads to clogged toilets, and a mess...can you tell I have dealt(sp) with this before? The Kandoo are pretty pricey, but hey if you can't force yourself to switch to something a little less expensive, just remember, they're only this little once ;) So try to overlook it...don't do so much! ;)

  2. Candice-
    Hmmm... Huggies brand, huh? I've never tried them. Are they a little cheaper?
    I never thought about the TP thing. Maybe I am actually SAVING money in toilet paper expenses by buying Kandoo wipes!

  3. 2 words; CORN COBS, they flush a little hard, but once Truman tries them, switching him to paper will be easy, Oh, and I'm not available right now to work on plumbing, so, y.o.y.o. (your on your own), just be glad the Trumster was easy to train, and when he starts full time school, he'll have to go to paper or carry a Kandoo Backpack.

  4. Hmmm... corn cobs, huh. Did you by any chance grow up in Kentucky?

  5. Don't worry Julianne, I have got your back! I will load up on a few boxes and when they are empty I will place them randomly throughout my house to assist you in the ploy of deception. Together when the time comes we can convince Tatum & Alison they are some sort of new wave home interior type decoration. Or maybe you can buy some generic brand and stash them in the Kandoo box....nah, I like the decoration idea better. Nothing like decieving the kiddos!

  6. Hey Julianne! Yes, the huggies brand are cheaper. I get the "Huggies Clean Team, Flushable Wipes" aka "Pull-Ups Just For Kids Flushable Moist Wipes". Next time you go out, find them and compair the prices. I have also found the Cottonelle ones at Big Lots for I said my boys need moist wipes, and I'm all about saving money, so if I can find some cheaper than Huggies, I get them!

  7. Thanks for the tips, Candice. I'll have to check those other options out.

  8. Hey J- I also broke down and started using them. I went w/ the Huggies brand ttoo, they are cheaper and I like their look better. ANyway, I told myself over and over I will not put money into these things, but here I am another sucker to another racket.

  9. OK. Apparently I've been missing these Huggies wipes for the past year. Gotta check them out!