Friday, October 6, 2006

Primetime Grattitude

I know that, in the past, I have touted myself as a social
butterfly, which I am, to some degree. That is the way that I like it. I am most content when my schedule is full. I’ve got many activities during the day with my children as well
as many in the evenings without them. I do not, however, make it to every event that I am invited to. I treasure my evenings and, aside from
clogging, keep my attendance to the other events to a minimum.

My husband leaves the house before I wake up in the morning
so the evenings are, literally, the only quality time that I get to spend with
him during the work week. Sometimes he gets a wild hair and
spends the evening working on some random home repair project that would take
most people at least 12 hours but, give my husband a roll of duct tape and some
caulking and he can fix anything in less than two hours. Most nights, though, we both need a
reprieve. He deals with a high stress
job and the general public all day long. My days are spent saving my daughter from putting foreign objects in her
mouth and dealing with the unpredictable and highly volatile behavior of a
three-year-old. The 2006 primetime
line-up creates the perfect opportunity for both of us to decompress. So, thank you “Lost” for giving my husband
and I something in common to obsess about during the week. Thank you “Grey’s Anatomy” for keeping us
entertained and for providing some major eye candy for both of us. And, most importantly, thank you Jon Stewart
for making us spit out our drinks in laughter nightly and keeping us abreast of
current events.  WIthout these shows, we might actually have to speak to each other.


  1. So true and so funny! Paul and I have said on numerous occasions (sp) that the only thing we have in common is Lost the DAily show. So thank you shows for giving me something to talk to my husband about!

  2. I too owe John Stewart and Shonda Rimes (creator of Grey's) a huge debt of gratitude for giving Jake & I something to talk about other than the kids every night. And, can I just say that Patrick Dempsey only gets better with age?!?!

  3. Melinda-
    I know. Sometimes I feel the same way. Thank goodness for the weekends that give us a little time to talk!

  4. Angie-
    Oh yeah! Three cheers for McDreamy!

  5. I find it reassuring to hear there are a lot of people out there who get their real news perspective from The Daily Show, I'm not sure how a couple of relics like myself and Mrs. PapaD got so hooked on Stewart, but he does always offer insite into what goes on in Washedup D.C..... Just a warning to your blog readers, you might end up old, grey, and liberal like us if you keep watching Comedy Central.

  6. Papa Dale-
    If not for the Daily Show, Sean and I wouldn't get the news at all. I guess that's why my view of the world is so impossibly warped. Oh well, I'm all for anything that encourages me to be in denial about the actual state of the world. It makes life MUCH easier.

  7. Talk about an "old relics"! What channel is Jon Stewart on and what time? We don't even know! Not so sure we would like it but willing to give it a try.

  8. Mom-
    The Daily Show is a news parody. It is on Comedy Central at 11:00pm Monday-Thursday. You should give it a try. I have yet to meet someone who did not find it hilarious.