Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post Christmas Stress Syndrome

Top Ten Post-Christmas Stress Syndrome Triggers:

  1. The need for an industrial snow plow just to clear a path through the living room.

  2. The inability to button a pair of pants that fit four days ago.

  3. The impending removal of the Christmas tree, the Christmas lights, and the Christmas chochkies.

  4. My Mother-In-Law’s less than favorable reaction to my unusual but requested (yes, darnit, it was and verified! Too bad I’m the only one that remembers the conversation) gift.

  5. The internal argument about whether or not to write thank-you notes for gifts received. What’s the correct etiquette on that? Do I really want to know?

  6. The Visa bill.

  7. The Western Town that shoots out cannon balls with such force that my daughter actually has a small bruise on her forehead. Yikes.

  8. The four, that’s right, four new pieces of furniture that are packed into my daughter’s teeny, tiny little room.

  9. The referee uniform that I am forced to wear when my kids get into brawls over each other’s new toys.

  10. The leftovers confronting my newly-motivated-to-lose-weight self at every turn screaming, “Eat me or I will go bad. Don’t be wasteful. Just eat me. You can lose weight tomorrow.”

Here’s the good news. My kids are happily playing with their new toys and have left me alone
long enough to write this list. Things
could be worse.  I am, however, about to bite down on a piece of fudge at 10:30 in the morning.



  1. 11. "I’m a pretty pony, clipedy clop, clipedy clop. Such a pretty pony, clipedey clop. clipedey clop. I like to have my coat brushed under the old oak tree, clipedey clop, clipedey clop. Oh won't you come and play with me?" That's right, my daughters great grand parents did the wow factor. A rocking horse. That sings. And now that her uncle taught her how to press the button all by her self, that is all I hear. Clipedy clop, clipedy clop, clipedy, fricken clop! Bring on the pounds and pounds of fudge!!

  2. 10:30 Huh? you are to be congratulated for holding out so long. Maybe all that red wine you and Grandma Mary had while shopping the day after Thanksgiving might have contributed to her lapse of memory, or at least explain what brought about the 'brain fart' that made her tell you she wouldn't mind having a memoriable present for Christmas. It didn't help matters when #3 son flipped on the 24 hour 'A Christmas Story' marathon just as she opened the present, and, sure enough, the famous LEG LAMP scene was just coming on t.v. SO.... now it is rumored that the infamous LAMP may become one of those Christmas Traditions you were wanting to start. I have it on good authority, there may be some re-gifting in the future. Sorry about the Cannon, it does seem somewhat appropiate, you having to tell the Trumster not to shoot Tater's eye out.

  3. Mental note: do NOT buy my children a talking rocking horse. It is a very, very bad idea.
    P.S. Be sure to send Linda some extra fudge.

  4. Papa Dale-
    I have no doubt that I will be the proud recipient of the Leg Lamp next year. I'll display it proudly in the living room and regift it the next year. Gotta keep it in the family!
    And, about the Cannon, the Western Town is one of his favorite toys. We've moved it to his room so that he is out of range of most of us when he plays with it :)

  5. Tell me more about the Western Cannon Town. Sounds interesting! Is it for 4+ ages?? or 3?? Trey really loves Ben's toys too, Santa got a remote control jeep, Trey loves it and Ben too, well, mommy and Daddy too!! Trey is into the stringing farm animals too that were for Ben. Cute!
    We got a Radio Flyer, Spring horse, THANK GOODNESS it doesn't talk or sing, OMG I would have to shoot it! haha