Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snot and Vomit

My family is racked with illness this week. Both my daughter and I are on
antibiotics. She has an ear infection
and a sinus infection and I have the latter with a horrendous headache and a
seemingly endless supply of green goo coming from the pit of my sinuses on a
regular basis. I hear the start of a
cough in my son and my husband is just getting over a similar ailment. Our house is one big fun factory right now. Anyone want to come over?

My daughter is especially fun. She is totally opposed to any type of medication. When I administer an oral suspension liquid,
I have to restrain her arms and lay her down while simultaneously holding her
mouth open. She spits and coughs, gags
and sometimes, if I’m lucky, vomits therefore nullifying the previous effort. This exercise in futility, coupled with her crusty
eyes and runny nose, has turned my daughter into a two-and-a-half-foot tall, walking
horror movie. Somehow, amidst the snot
and vomit, she still manages to exude cuteness and I love her even when she’s
spewing amoxicillin-laced vomit all over my crisp, white shirt.

I just picked up some eye drops for her at the
pharmacy. I’m really looking forward to
putting those in. I’m already dreaming
up different ways to restrain and distract her. Poor thing. I’m so glad
that I got our Christmas pictures made last week. I guess, though, that a Christmas picture of my snotty-nosed,
crusty eyed children would go pretty well with the brutally honest Christmas
. Maybe I’ll snap some shots of
them in their Christmas outfits tonight after a hefty serving of
spaghetti. That would certainly make a
great shot.


  1. sorry to hear about everyone being under the weather, I hope it doesn't last too long, last year everything that could be transmitted from a toddler to an adult came to our house via day care carried by 2 really cute little germ factories when they couldn't go to 'school', so you have our sympothy, I'm soooo sorry I can't come down and help with the medication, we have previous plans, and, I'll share them with you just as soom as I can think of something.

  2. Sorry to hear you guys are under the weather. Yes, I have to lie Ben in his back and drop the stuff in. One nurse said, get something that taste good, get the flavor added. I know she got some stuff for us that tasted good, Ben loved it, wanted it. Maybe if it get really bad request it next time and or see about an antibiotic shot???
    I have been really lucky so far, Knock on wood right now!!!!!!knock knock
    Get well soon!!

  3. Get well soon. Hailey will take her meds, then for the next 20 minutes or so, gag her self untill she pukes it up. Then she thinks it is funny, so she keeps gaging her self. I would be woried, but it is really cute!!

  4. Papa Dale-
    Thanks for the sympathy and your heartfelt desire to come down and help.

  5. Katb-
    I'm not sure if the flavor stuff would help with my daughter. She seems adverse to anything in a dropper or syringe. I guess I could spring for the extra $2.50 and try it next time.

  6. Linda-
    Sounds like Hailey and my daughter would get along swimmingly!

  7. My boys are completely opposite from tatum. They actually fight over who got the most in the medicine dropper. I may have future drug additcs on my hands! I hope she gets to feeling better soon. Elizabeth is the same way. Good luck!

  8. Ah, I'm so sorry everyone is sick at your house right now. At least you guys are getting this out of the way before Christmas. Hope you're all feeling better soon:) And good luck with the eye drops. I've never had to give those to Ella, but I can't see that scenario going well with any child.

  9. Yeah, Melinda, I'm a little jealou of your boys' affinity for medication. It certainly makes sickness a little more managable.

  10. Marti-
    I cannot believe you've never had to give Ella eye drops. What, are you somehow immune to pink eye? That's a freakin' miracle!
    Thanks for the well wishes. We seem to be on the road to recovery around here.