Monday, January 8, 2007

Bahamian Beer

My husband and I are going on a cruise this week. We are leaving on Wednesday morning and
taking our first vacation sans our children since my daughter was born. We are leaving them in the capable hands of
my parents but that has not stopped me from worrying. My son has never been the type to get homesick so I have not
spent any energy stressing about leaving him. I have, however, expended a great deal of energy worrying about leaving
my daughter.

My son was 18 months old when we left him for the first
time. We flew to the Bahamas for five
days of sun and fun-filled debauchery. It turned out to be a great trip but the first night was rough. I called my parents (they were babysitting)
and checked on my son after dinner. I
missed him desperately and, at that time, he was so sweet and well-behaved that
I thought that I had miraculously created the perfect child. Aaahhh, the naivety of a new parent. I felt lost without him. It was as if I had a  less intense version of empty
nest syndrome. God help me when my kids
go to college. I’m going to need some
drugs. After my phone call to my parents, I felt sorry for myself and counted
down the hours until our return flight. I was certain that I had made a mistake coming to the beautiful island
of Freeport. I decided, out of
desperation, to do what any other rational human being would do. I drank my worries away. There is something about Bahamian beer, the
Caribbean Sea, and steel drums that makes your troubles melt away. I think it had more to do with my blood
alcohol level than the music or the ocean but, hey, I thought I’d throw it in
there for good measure. I had so much
fun that first night that I didn’t call my parents again until the third night
and I got a little sad when we boarded the plane for the mainland. It was a bittersweet departure.

It seems fitting that we are going to the Bahamas
again. I know that I will have some
panic-filled moments about being away from my daughter but I will also have a
remedy within reach at all times. I’ll
be surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, steel drums and, most importantly, lots and
lots of alcohol. I’m already dreading
our bar tab.


  1. When you return from your vacation, I hope your mom and dad will share with us some insite into their experiences with the Trumster, if they have similar experiences to his recent behavior, this might be the last vacation you get to take with free family babysitting services. Don't Worry, Be Happy!!!, enjoy the cruise, I'm just jerkin' you around, I know for a fact thet grandkids never mis-behave unless their parents are there to disrupt them, enjoy the water, sun, and beer, lots of vitamin C and E always helps with the day after.

  2. As long as they don't try to get him to get dressed, bathe, or eat something he doesn't like they should be fine. He'll be returned to us looking like a Hale boy after a week of 4-H camp!

  3. Grandma and "Pop Pop"January 8, 2007 at 4:29 PM

    We are very excited about having Truman and Tatum with us while you guys cruise and relax! Don't worry about a thing - everything is under control, especially Truman!
    We are SOOOO proud that you are officially published! Kudos! Just the beginning!!

  4. Grandma and Pop Pop,
    I offered this up to Julianne, but I'll say it again. Truman and Tatum are welcome to come over and play one day if they would like. Any day would be fine. Katherine and Patrick will be going through Hale withdrawal and would welcome the company!!

  5. Grandma and "Pop Pop"January 9, 2007 at 5:39 AM

    Thanks so much for your offer. I will certainly keep that in mind as we might be going back and forth between Cleveland and Sweetwater but the main plan right now is to stay in Sweetwater the whole time. Thanks so much!