Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Size 0

I am such a cliché these days. Yesterday, when my husband got home from work, I went to a new
gym that opened here in town for a tour and a sales schpiel. I joined the millions of others who walk
into the gym during the first week of January with their sleeves rolled up,
ready to go. We are filled with promise
and motivation. We are destined to get
our bodies back to their slim and trim, pre-kids and marriage, shape. We just know that a size 0 is
attainable. We can devote 7-8 hours to
our bodies a week because we are destined to succeed. Our families may suffer as a result, but that’s OK. It will all be worth it when the Gap jeans
from 1993 that I keep hidden at the very bottom of my trunk fit again. It will happen.

I didn’t join the gym. The facility is still under construction and the childcare will not be
available until May. That means that I
would be paying $40 per month for a service that I could not use for five
months. I just couldn’t justify
it. So, I will be attempting to make
good on my New Year’s resolution in the comfort of my own home. I may regroup in May on the gym thing but,
until then, it’s the treadmill and videos for me. Yuck. It’s hard to stay
motivated when you fantasize about strangling Denise Austin in her sleep.


  1. Preach on! I'm looking forward to slimming down to 200 lbs sometime this year.

  2. Edwardian-
    Gain a little sympathy weight did ya? Good luck with your slim down routine. I've heard wonderful things about Carmen Electra's video: