Friday, January 19, 2007

Martha Freakin' Stewart

I really enjoy cooking but I’ve been uninspired for some
time now. I tend to run through the
same 5-6 recipes over and over again and listening to my son tell me, “I don’t
like this. This food is yucky. I won’t eat it;” consistently has
taken it’s toll. Plus, my husband is
such a fast, mindless eater that he finishes his plate in 3 minutes flat and
then looks up at me as if to say, “Where’s the rest?” I shoot him a look and he immediately covers his tracks by
saying, “It was really good honey. Thanks.” The damage is done, though. He is much more about quantity than quality,
which is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by his adoration of Ramen noodles. Who eats that crap? It is such a waste of calories.

Dieting with my husband has given new life to my love of
cooking. In the past, I have tried my
best to diet while also trying to serve an enjoyable dinner to my family. These two things have been mutually exclusive
(at least in my mind) for quite some time. With the advent of a dieting partner, though, things have changed.

I have suddenly made the transition from a culinarily
challenged housewife to Martha freakin’ Stewart. I have tried three new recipes this week, which is a small
miracle for me. I made Hummus on
Monday. The recipe called for tahini
(sesame seed paste), which I searched for at three local grocery stores to no
avail so I actually made some of my own (I heart my food processor). On Wednesday, I made a yummy chicken
casserole. This is a rarity for me as I
am not a casserole person. I prefer
that all of my food items exist separately on the plate. If you’d like to give me nightmares for a
week, just serve me up a slice of shepherd’s pie. Yuck. Shepherd’s pie,
squash, and ham salad were the primary reasons that I dreaded going to my
Grandma’s dinner table as a child (she made up for it at breakfast when she
served up Sugar Smacks. Yum!). Finally, last night, I made some lo-cal
chicken quesadillas. My poor husband
was done with his portion in less than 45 seconds and never took his eyes off
of his food. I think his Gandhi diet is
starting to backfire. It was just a
matter of time.


  1. I must concur. I have never seen a human eat as fast as Sean.

  2. I would offer words of enlightened encouragement about dieting, but, allas, I, too, have a slight weight problem.....there...... I've said it, and I'm not ashamed. I keep my scale set at minus 35 lbs. so I can say I'm under 200!!!! After all, I wear really heavy boots, and, almost always have denim jeans on, thats got to be close to a 35 lb. tare weight, Right? Your hubby comes by eating his meals quickly quite naturally. With 2 other hungry brothers and me around when he was young, if you didn't eat fast you might not get to finish what was on your plate, and, for sure you weren't going to get seconds. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but that boy would eat ANYTHING you put on his plate, so the menu deal will probably always mean a lot more to you than him. Diet trully is a four letter word, hang in there, and don't give up, I'll let you know if I ever re-set my scale.

  3. Jacquelyn-
    We're working on that fastest human eater in the world thing. Maybe I should capitalize on it and enter him in some eating contests!

  4. Papa Dale-
    Yes, he'll eat anything, except coconuts and mustard which he claims to be allergic to.