Friday, December 14, 2007

Bring on the Snow

I couldn't fall asleep last night because I was feeling leftover guilt about our solo East Tennessee snowfall last winter. The kids and I got one fleeting chance to play in the snow and I missed it for all of us. This happened nearly a year ago and I am still torturing myself. Perhaps it is because my son reminds me of the incident on a fairly regular basis, "Mommy. Remember when it snowed that time and you took us outside too late and the snow had already melted?" I REMEMBER! It went something like this:

East Tennessee received a dusting (and I do mean dusting) of snow during the night. Most moms realized the immediacy of the situation and got their kids up at the crack of dawn to play in it. Not me. I spent a good chunk of my teenage/young adult years in Central Illinois where snow tends to stay on the ground for days and weeks at a time. I rolled out of bed, did my morning cleaning, took my shower, took my time. Big mistake. By the time we walked out the door at 7:50, the snow was all but gone. My son collapsed immediately into a ball of disappointment. My daughter stood staring at him, wondering what the heck was going on and why she was in that ridiculous get-up. I felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart with a santoku knife. Did I really just miss the first chance my kids had to make a snowman? Did I really miss the snow angels? The snowball fights? The wet socks? The sledding? The photo-ops? My son was crushed. CRUSHED. And it was truly my fault. I could attribute this incident, 100%, to my laziness. I sit here, at the keyboard, hanging my head in shame.

There is a slight chance for snow this weekend in East Tennessee.  Bring it on! I will set my alarm for 5:00am, get my kids dressed and coated and enjoy the snow until the sun comes up and melts it away. Bring on the snow Jack Frost! I've got some penance to pay!


  1. Wow, we just had about 4to 6 inches yesterday and we are going to get about a foot come Sunday.
    Believe me, I was about ready to run head first into a wall yesterday trying to get five kids bundled and ready to go outside(my three and a niece and a nephew)Fun Times. :)
    I probably will blog about that experience at some point.

  2. Ah yes, we were at Mom's house and I was SO FLIPPING MAD that the ONE TIME IT SNOWS IN RINGGOLD I was gone..bah I tell you!
    No flurries for us, booo

  3. I will pray to the snow flurry fairy this very evening in hopes to make it up to your son. On the bright side, you live in a place where snow is a miracle. ;) Me, not so much.

  4. I'm sitting at my desk, looking out at about 2 inches of fresh magic on the ground, we're supposed to get another 4 today, and more following that next week,I understand why you miss frozen Illinois so much, and we were truly sorry that Truman missed the snow when he stayed with us after Thanksgiving. Perspective, however, means everything, I'm old, arthritic, and Scrooge grouchie this time of year, and, now, I've got to move this damn stuff off my drive and sidewalk, and I'm just starting to get over a flu bug that I nabbed right after the lung infection I had, tell Truman to come get all he wants of the white stuff, I have already had enough.

  5. The fact that you were out the door by 8 am, seems pretty darn good to me. Don't worry about your boy either, if he really needs snow he can always move up here when he's eighteen. We're expecting another 5 inches tonight.

  6. Yes, I remember one year it snowed in December and I got the kids out of the door pronto, assuming that it might be all we'd see that winter. I did the same thing one week later. And two weeks after that. And then there was the big snowstorm in mid-January. And one in February. It got to the point where we didn't even bother to go out. It never snows that frequently here!