Monday, December 10, 2007

He Likes It! He Really Likes It! Wait… No, Maybe Not

I was forced to be creative with my dinner tonight. I usually work with a plan when it comes to dinner. I know what I'm going to have and I have all of the ingredients for each dish. I lost track of time today. It got late and I ended up with nothing defrosted. I had to improvise. I combined all of Nuggets
my shredded cheeses together, cut up some onions and peppers and combined them with hashbrowns for some surprisingly delicious hashbrown casserole. I defrosted some chicken and made chicken nuggets and I steamed some broccoli. I thought to myself, "Damn. You're a great Mom. You threw together a delicious, kid-friendly meal in no time flat. You go girl!"

Here's the exact response I got from my son after he finished his first bite:

When I first put it in my mouth I liked it just a little bit but when I started doing this (makes dramatic chewing motions with his teeth), it started to taste bad. The taste just got worse and worse until I swallowed it. When I eat the next bite, I'm going to try to take a small one so I don't have to chew much.

It's good to be appreciated.


  1. The nerve of tasteless children! I remember when my older son was in kindergarten, I got all dressed up to go to a big party - a look I hadn't had time for in years! I felt fantastic. My child took one look at me and said,
    "You look ugly." It is nice to be appreciated.

  2. That was so funny! I love how honest kids are.

  3. I simply cannot believe that the young man who spent a week with us would put anything in his mouth that had the words 'combined' or 'broccoli' printed in the same paragraph with it, much less, mixed together, even on the same plate. The reaction, though, sounds totally Trumanistic.