Friday, January 25, 2008

Guilt-Ridden Blogger

I'm going in a different direction today, mostly because I'm feeling lazy and unfunny, and posing a question to my readers:

Do you wish I would respond more consistently to the comments you post?

I've been terrible about this lately. I read all of the comments and usually laugh and give a little thanks that someone feels compelled to take the time out of their day to comment on something I wrote but I've gotten lax about posting comments myself. I'm harboring some guilt (can you tell?) and think I need to change but I want to find out what the readers, particularly the frequent commenters, think about this.


  1. It's not always easy to reply to everyone's comments! Do what you can or if you can, edit the comments to include your comments, but in italics or bold.
    Just my thoughts on it.

  2. I like to touch base with you by reading your comments on my site, but if you don't get around every day or even every week it's not a big deal.
    On another note, I've been watching your published list grow on the side bar and I must say I'm impressed. Keep up THAT good work!

  3. I never knew what was proper when it came to comments other's put on your blogs. Is it appropriate to e-mail a reply or should you comment right underneath their comment on your blog? Or is it okay not to comment back?
    In answer to your question, once in a while I will check the blogs I read to see if they responded to a comment I made but I don't get the least bit offended if they don't.
    I do like to see comments from you on my blog, it's always fun!
    Have a great weekend:).

  4. Wait, you've been reading the stuff I reply with to your blogs? Damn, now I've got to start being more careful not to offend you.

  5. I have often wondered the same thing. I haven't come up with a "for sure" answer either. Mostly, I enjoy getting comments and I enjoy making comments on my favorite blogs. Usually I don't comment back in my comment section because I am guessing the commentor isn't expecting a response there. If I do want to respond I usually send an e-mail directly to the commentor.
    Thanks for all the great comments you leave me, btw.

  6. I never expect a blogger to comment on their own blog. Sure there will be times that you will feel compelled to, but I certainly don't think you should feel like you have to. After all, you have already taken the time and energy to write the blog in the first place!

  7. Feel guilty no longer! It's a matter of time. For some of us, it's all we can do to post at all - we have kids, careers, etc. When we can, we comment and when we can't, we don't. I really enjoy the comments I get, but I don't think the commentators are expecting responses back.

  8. Thanks for all of the feedback. I appreciate it. I'm going to continue blogging and reply to comments when I can.

  9. OH I am terrible at responding to comments so I don't expect that from others.... but for some, they like comments back.