Thursday, January 3, 2008

Auld Lang Syne

I had grand plans
for the first blog of the year. I was going to proudly state my New Year’s
resolutions and attempt to write a humorous yet inspiring bit about wiping the
slate clean and starting ’08 fresh. I might have even thrown in a catch phrase.
Anyone have any ideas for an ’08 catch phrase? Let me know. My grand plans were
shot to smithereens when I was hit with some New Year’s illness. I got sick and
then my daughter caught a nasty bug and two ear infections. We’re a mess in the
Hale house right now. I’m hoping that we can ride out this wave of sickness and
be done until Spring or Summer or next Winter. I’m sick of sick.

Let’s talk about TV.
Raise your hand if the writer’s strike is having a serious impact on your
normal television standards. (Mine is raised high—it makes typing a little
difficult, though, so I’ll lower it). Raise your other hand if this lowering of
standards includes adding Crowned: The
Mother of All Pageants
to your viewing repertoire. After an urgent call
from my friend, Jacquelyn, insisting that I watch it, I set my DVR to record this
mother of all trash TV programs. It’s no Rock
of Love
but it will do for now. I’m rooting for the Broadway-esque
mother/daughter duo team. Their mushy, cheesy love for each other and their
obvious love of all things musical theater appeals to me. I think they are a
shoo-in for the win. For those of you unfamiliar with this delightful hour of
TV, it features a competition in each episode followed by a heart-wrenching
de-sashing ceremony. Check your local listings. You know you wanna.

On a super-fantastic
note, my friend Alyson informed me this morning that Rock of Love is coming back for a new season with Bret Michaels at
the helm again. Yee-haw! I might just survive this writer’s strike after all.


  1. I'm counting down the days until Lost returns. (literally, have a counter on my blog. Raise your hand if you're a dork! MEEE!) Until then I watch every single episode of the Law & Order various series I can. Reality shows are hit or miss with me.
    Tell Alyson I said hiiii! I'm guessing she had her bebby and said bebby is approaching 1st birthday by now right?

  2. I've been waiting for your New Year's post for 2008, so sorry you guys are sick again. I dread this season, so hard this time of year.
    Trey found the remote finally, after being MIA for like 4 days. It probably was a good thing w/ nothing good on. I am going to attempt to find something to silence the screams, since Daddy has volunteered to give the boys a bath, lol.
    Glad to read you back!

  3. Hope you guys avoid the sickies the rest of the year ... wouldn't that be great!?
    Ah, yes, "Rock of Love." Who will we love to hate this time around? :-)

  4. I am a fan of Crowned too. Just watched it last night.
    How about the Catch phrase-
    Riding out the Wave. It was something you wrote and I immediately thought it was catchy. Just a suggestion:)
    Happy New Year!

  5. How about "Have a great 2008" I know. It's cheesy.
    Since all we ever watch is sports, our viewing habits have not been impacted by the writers strike.
    Hope y'all are feeling better.

  6. I too felt sick on New Year's Day, immediately (if not simultaneously) after I wrote down my resolution to stay healthy! So I have no use for any resolutions. And yes, although I may like to say I don't watch (too much) TV, I do miss Ugly Betty.

  7. My two 'catch phrases' Renovate in '08, and Lose Weight in '08.
    Both bad, and both won't help me publish anything this year but I'm afraid if I go there I'll jinx myself...