Friday, May 9, 2008

Picture Frames! Shoes! Books! Oh My!

Here's some products worthy of promotion:

Jeannie Hines, my dear cousin and mother of three, contributed to a wonderful book, Water Cooler Diaries: Women Across America Share Their Day at Work was released in March. It documents the events of the same day (March 27, 2007) in the lives of several different women, in their own words. Some of the women are well-known and some, like my cousin, are not. I read Jeannie's excerpt quite a while ago and it was a fantastic read, brutally honest and funny. Get your copy now!

Jennifer Neisslen's book,  Practically Perfect in Every Way, came out on paperback on May 6. The  book chronicles Jennifer's journey through the murky world of self-help. She's a fantastic writer and laugh-out-loud funny. Buy the book!

Alyson Tunnell is a dear friend. She lives down the road in Ringgold, GA and makes custom personalized products out of her home. Her business is called AlyDots. When you visit her website, be sure to check out her Gallery. Her products are super cute!

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