Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Very Cool Website

So, if you were in a life raft in the ocean, on the brink of starvation, with a father, his two kids, one sick middle aged man with an extensive knowledge of the ocean, an elderly woman and a nurse, who would you eat first?

If that's the kind of question that gets your blood pumping then you might want to check out this blog. Perhaps its the fact that I was a philosophy major in college and a member of the super fly Illinois State University Philosophy Club but I can't get enough of it. Its the equivalent of a little homespun ethics class. Check it out and put in your two cents while you're there.


  1. Um, none of them. Those problems were so popular in the 70's; every time we had some sort of team-building exercise, they would trot those out. And I really don't think we learned anything from them, except that life is dangerous and you had better start thinking about who is expendable and who isn't, and who is more worthy of life, etc.
    Yeah, I do hate them. How did you guess?

  2. What a delicious problem to have!
    (but old women tend to taste a little like