Friday, February 8, 2008

Laurel and Hardy

My son brought home a friend from school today and they are keeping me entertained. They're dividing their time together between concocting and participating in an elaborate contest to find out who has the best job to working on their stand up routine. They started telling, "jokes" in the car on the way home (you and I would probably call them statements but to the kids, they are jokes). Here's an example:

Friend: Oh no! You've got a snake in your sleeve!

Son: Aaahhhh!

That's the extent of it. They laughed and laughed and had the following conversation after that:

Me: Was that a joke?

Friend: Yeah. That's what we do. We tell jokes. T, why are our jokes always about animals?

Son: I don't know. We need to work on that.

Friend: Yeah. We need some new jokes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I may be witnessing the formation of the next Laurel and Hardy (I realized, as I was typing this, that I really don't know who Laurel and Hardy are—pretty sure they are a historically relevant comedy duo but not certain). After much deliberation, I have decided to still include this reference, despite my unwillingness to find out if it's accurate. What can I say? I'm a professional.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my son won the contest. His job? Axing and digging. He rocks at axing and digging. The prize? A truckload of money. Yep, I'm instilling solid values at an early age.



  1. Your style of fact verification and knowledge of your subject matter is exceeded only slightly by Fox News, that said, and, from a dinosaur, good guess on the reference, I know you won't know what a Saturday afternoon Matinée is either, but, Laurel and Hardy were to the cheep seat movies what Johnny and Ed were to Late Night T.V. The joke telling will probably last another 18 to 24 months, and, most likely, won't get to much more sophisticated. Bank the money while it last!! As always, luck and love to all, and, Yes, this too will pass.

  2. Who's Johnny and Ed???
    Just kidding.

  3. Being OLD sucks, being reminded sucks more, BUT, I'm getting used to it!

  4. Yes you are accurate on Laurel and Hardy! Love that you didn't check it and went with in anyway!
    BTW, I tagge you for a MeMe, not that you will probably do it, and I won't be offended if you don't, but I needed 6 people and everyone likes a little linky love right?
    Also, found My Big Redneck Wedding last night. It is now my favorite show!

  5. Sorry Papa Dale! Couldn't resist!! :)

  6. I commend you for dispensing with tedious, useless research - it's far more interesting to fly by the seat of one's pants. Any readers worth their salt will know who Laurel & Hardy were (which I do by the way). Congrats to you son!

  7. Well, really if you think about it, writers do much the same thing (axing and digging) and get a truckload of money for doing it right? Uh, right? We will make lots of money-- right?