Friday, February 15, 2008

Tonsurophobia No More

My son got a hair cut today, a good haircut. A cute, little boy haircut. I have my handsome little boy back! He doesn't look like Eddie Munster anymore with long sideburns and jagged bangs. I am SO happy.

Thank you, Leslie, miracle working hair stylist to the under 10 set!

In other news, my daughter insisted on putting her panties on herself yesterday and walked around the entire day with the leg band around her waist. I tried three times to take them off and put them on the right way and she would have nothing to do with it. Can you say strong-willed child?

Have a great weekend people. I apologize for my blogging apathy this week. It's been a crazy five days!


  1. YEAH!!! congrats to you ans Truman, good luck on the strong-wiled child thing, I'm not even going to start with the war stories this time.

  2. A strong-willed child is good to have when it comes to being able to say no to friends, but when it comes to listening to Mom, that's another story! Yikes! Glad you have your boy back.

  3. I like little boy hair cuts. I'm in the blog apathy line this week too. No time, too many committments. Sigh.