Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is What An...

East Tennessee Snowman looks like.

They're full of leaves and pine needles, their faces are made of river stones and a baby carrot and they wear fire hats (I mean, really, who has a top hat just lying around?). We have to improvise in these parts!



  1. At least you have good packing snow. The snow is so dry and we can't even make a snow ball for a snowball fight. ~sigh~

  2. Frosty the Fireman says: Don't eat the yellow snow!! There's a dog with spots running 'round the hood and where he's been you'll never know!! Day before yesterday we had 10+ inches on the ground, and more 'some assembly required' snowmen laying around than we really wanted, yesterday, it hit 57 degrees, and you couldn't see across the street for the fog, today, it's raining, (snownomo)' and' yes, tomorrow, there's snow in the forecast, I'll bet you guys really miss Central Illinois!!

  3. Brings back fond memories of my childhood snowmen in N. Alabama, except we'd have pieces of pecan shells stuck in our snow. :-)
    How's the writing going?

  4. He's perfect. Um, we're getting another eight inches of snow tonight. We get SO MUCH snow up here that they sell the darn top hats at the dollar store.
    If you want one send me your address and I'll put one in the mail to you.