Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Slow Blog Day

I'm lacking inspiration today and would like to give a shout-out to New Diva on the Blog for tagging me for this MeMe. She's been working her ass off on a project for, I mean WITH, her son for the past week or so and the results are pretty impressive. Check it out! Here are the rules:

1.  Link to the person who tagged you for this MeMe. 

2.  List the rules on your blog.

3.  Share six unimportant things/quirks/habits about yourself. 

Her goes:

  1. I obsess about my chapped hands in the winter. I'm constantly slathering myself in Crisco-esque lotion and I can often be found snoozing with those ridiculous gloves on my hands. Yes, I'm one of those people.
  2. I am addicted to self-help audiobooks. Got any recommendations? I'm all ears. Literally.
  3. I interviewed a celebrity for the first time today. I was nervous as hell but it went pretty well.
  4. I sleep with one of those eye masks on every night. If I can't find it, I freak. Ask my husband.
  5. I went on a hunger strike as a child while at a summer camp. My mom had to drive up to the camp, midway through the two week stay and take me home.
  6. I desperately want to rely on a day planner but I just can't make myself do it. It's as if I have some kind of an organizational brain block.

Having a slow blog day? Got six things to share about yourself? Have at it!



  1. Nooooo.
    I think I might have to do this one soon. I keep getting tagged and ignoring them. Is that mean?
    Sigh. Thanks for not 'really' tagging me.

  2. I've done this one 2 times already and the 7 one twice now. I don't think I'll tag myself. Thank you!!
    At night before bed, I use Aquaphor and In the summer when we have the windows open, I'll sleep with an eyemask too.

  3. Not having a Blog Site, so you can't get tagged with a ME-ME.........PRICELESS!!!!

  4. I like these tags, and I may have to use this next week when I'm thinking of blogs to write.
    I was also lacking inspiration this week, I was giving a shout out to my readers to inspire me.
    I just got to get in motion, stop daydreaming and start doing. :)

  5. Not sure how to link you to Live Journal. I'm not sure there are 6 interesting things about me. Tee-hee

  6. Not sure how to link you to Live Journal. I'm not sure there are 6 interesting things about me. Tee-hee

  7. No planner! OMG!!! I'm planner obsessed. My husband makes fun of my paper attachment, but I shutter at the thought of having an electric version.
    And, go girl, on the hand obsession. I can't help but pull off the gloves in the middle of the night.
    Dish on who the celebrity was???

  8. I have to comment again because I LOVE Papadale's comment. Thanks for the laugh. And yes, who was the celebrity? AND I would DIE without my planner, I think it's a Mom with older kid thing though.
    Two comments on one post. I need a job.

  9. Hey thanks for the shout out and the project love! Who is the celebrity, obviously we are all dying to know! I am with you on the planner...just can't seem to get the habit going with that thing. Much to my husband's chagrin I might add.

  10. I don't think I could interview a celebrity. I would giggle too much. Which reminds me of Scott Simon on NPR, many years ago, interviewing Julie Andrews, and at some point he had to use the word "breasts" in front of her. I had never known it was possible to hear a grown man blush, but it most certainly is.

  11. I'm obsessed with my dry hands in the winter, as well. I learned my lesson the hard way when my knuckles got so dry they cracked and bled. This was back when my youngest was a baby and I was constantly washing my hands. Vaseline does wonders!