Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I feel compelled to give everyone a glimpse into what a Hale family car ride generally entails.  Here’s the dialogue that took place on a recent 20-minute trip:

Son: Mommy, do you want to play a game with me?

Me: Sure. What kind of game?

Son: Trains, hunting on trains.

Me (a little surprised about the hunting part): What are
we hunting?

Son: All kinds of animals.

Me: So what do we do when we hunt them?

Son: Me, the engineer, will stop the train so that you,
the passenger, can look closely at them.

Me: Oh, so that’s hunting?


Daughter: All Aboard!

Me: OK. Here’s my ticket.

Son: Choo choo! Chug a chug a chug a chug. Mommy, we’re
moving. Aren’t you going to try to find animals?

Daughter: Choo choo! Choo choo!

Son: Be quiet Tatum.

Me: Oh yeah. Look! There’s a Moose!

Son: If you want me to stop the train, you have to say,
“Appalago” and then the animals name.

Me: Oh, OK. Appalago Moose!

Daughter: Appago Moo!

Son (makes dramatic brake screeching sound): You better
watch out. That’s a red spider moose. They can bite.

Me: Duly noted.

Son: What?

Me: Never mind. Appalago Bear!

 This went on for the entire road trip with my daughter
chiming in, doing her best to say “Appalago” and point enthusiastically out the
window, much to my son's chagrin (he refused to stop the train for her).  I usually have the pleasure of making two trips in one when I'm behind the wheel with the kids in tow, one to my actual destination and the other to the inside of my
son’s imagination. It’s a wild ride!


  1. Too sweet.
    It sounds much nicer then my car ride. Lately all my kids can do is complain about one anothers singing. I guess I should just turn off the radio, then at least they'll have something new to complain about. Enjoy the sweet years!

  2. I love Truman's imagination, and his love for Tatum! lol!

  3. in my car, the train is usually straight from an Ozzy Osbourne song. . . .aiaaiaiaiaia

  4. Grandma Mary and I have decided the first child seems to be the most gifted when it comes to the maximum level of imagination. This was true with Chris, Maggie, Truman, and, now, Kaylin seems to be picking up the tradition. Now, don't get me wrong, Sean and Ben could really dream up some duzzies, Aleita has a flair all of her own, and, our Lil' Sweet Tater already does a good job of creating her own world, but, for genuine first class originality, we're putting our money on the first born. As always, good luck, and God Bless, your gonna need it.

  5. Um, conversations? We just listen to my youngest scream. I would give my left pinky finger to make the insanity stop...okay, there is one cd that quiets him down but, I swear, it is some sort of Little People brainwashing music.

  6. Your little engineer is not only very entertaining, but clever. I'd love to go on his idea of a hunting trip! Where can I buy tickets?

  7. I am so glad to hear that there are still people left in the world who use the time in the car with their kids to engage them. I cannot tell you how often I see people driving to the grocery store around the corner, with a DVD playing for the kiddos in the back.
    Other than long road trips, I feel like my kids are a captive audience and love to talk to them, play word games, etc. when we are in the car. I recently followed a woman out of the school parking lot. She had just picked up her kids from school (the 2nd day of school) and instead of chatting with them about how the day went, they were watching a Sponge Bob movie...what is wrong with people???