Friday, August 17, 2007

Easy to Please

The Department of Family Services of Bradley County has a
surprisingly nice waiting room. It’s got a floral tapestry loveseat, a couple
high-gloss dark wood chairs and a coffee table covered with a wide variety of
pamphlets. I’ve been there three times this week, dragging my kids with me.
They get excited each time we pull into the parking lot, “Is this the place
where we get to sit in all the different chairs?” my son will say wide-eyed.

“Yes, it is.”

They sure are easy to please. They play musical chairs while
I talk smack with the woman behind the plexiglass window. I’ve been trying all
week to get my son’s application submitted for preschool within the public
school system. The paperwork is a beaurocratic nightmare and, after my fourth
attempt, I finally had all of the documents in order. Now, we wait. We won’t
find out if he gets in until 30-45 days after the start of the school year
because they have to give all of the people in the Head Start program a chance
to apply. After that time, they’ll start letting the general public in. I’m
crossing my fingers. It’s a great program. And it’s free.

My kids and I walked hand in hand out to the car. They each
picked up a souvenir and started “reading” their respective brochures as I was
pulling out of the parking lot. It was a really cute sight until I noticed the
title of the pamphlets: Rape and Sexual Assault: What You Should Know.


  1. I know where to come when I want a laugh.

  2. Ha to funny! Well the earlier they learn the better right?

  3. Now you know where to go on those days when you're trying to figure out what to do with the kids! At least until they learn to comprehend the brochures.

  4. No one can accuse you of trying to shelter your kids from the real world, hmm?

  5. With the D.F.S. lead in, I was a little concerned that there might have been another unexplainable trip to Emergency Room, It's such a relief to hear that they are getting a good pre-school education, I hope the brochures don't have too detailed diagrams, or your going to have 'a lotta 'splainin' ta do Lucy' But, mostly, I just have to agree with Maribeth

  6. Good Luck w/ everything!

  7. My poor children. They're going to be the ones in the first grade teaching kids things they should NOT know.

  8. Keli-
    Right. It's free, air conditioned and a never ending source of fun and education.

  9. Becky-
    Nope. That's something that I take a great deal of pride in. Tomorrows lesson: Guns: how to use them properly.

  10. Papa Dale-
    No worries about the ER. Just some good clean sexual assault pamphlets.