Friday, August 31, 2007

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Pack for Tomorrow's Disney World Vacation Departure

  1. My van is in the shop until 6:00 p.m. and I have nowhere to put the luggage.

  2. My son is in time out for the third time today because I won’t let him decorate the living room with toilet paper, “Come on Mom. Just one roll. Please!”

  3. Packing and drinking don’t mix.

  4. My daughter is sleeping. I’d hate to disturb her with the loud packing noises.

  5. Vacations are always more interesting when you forget something important.

  6. I’ve got writing to do.

  7. Packing sucks.

  8. If I could just look over my list one more time, I would know that I’m not forgetting anything.

  9. Florida weather in the dead of summer is really unpredictable.

  10. Holy crap. We have allot of stuff.


  1. Best one, # packing and driniking don't mix. That may or may not apply to me right now!

  2. Disney World. Lucky! It's my first visit to your blog but love it....I'll be back.
    BTW, if you don't drink when you pack how do you get through it?

  3. Have so much fun!!! Say 'hi' to Minnie for us ladies...

  4. Love to Minnie from here too! Have a great trip. Oh, and drinking and packing DO mix.

  5. Did you forget something important, you last minute packer? Am I correct in assuming it's cuz you love a challenge?

  6. Just got back from a trip to lake over the weekend. Forgot underwear for my husband, so he had to go commando and Q-tips a bigger sin than the underwear in his opinion.
    Oh well, we had fun anyway!

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